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Asian Carp Invasion

Asian Carp TV on the Illinois River


Sturgeon: Another Anadromous Fish

Salmon and Steelhead often dominate the discussion of ocean going fish and habitat considerations inland. That other pre-historic like creature fits into that ocean going circle also..the sturgeon. There are several dozen species of sturgeon around the world. The Western U.S. has these behemoths in several rivers. I recall standing gazing down on the Snake River near Hells Canyon dam at first light. The amazing sight of a giant sturgeon leaping from the water and landing on its’ side broke the morning silence. Dare I say, sturgeon tastes amazing!

Green Sturgeon Range

Sturgeon Restoration Projects, Pacific NW



Fly Fishing Ponds in the Springtime

Tony Muncy

Flyfishing ponds, in the Spring, is a nice respite from the long Winter and the high runoffs of Springtime. The setting is more relaxed. The pace is, and should be, slower; a small puzzle to be solved. The smaller patterns of chironomids, dragons, damsels, scuds are perfect for subsurface presentations. Little poppers and emergers in the film can be productive in the evenings. This is 3 wt. time for smaller species, unless finessing larger bass or carp.

Many ponds are open year around. Weed growth can be a bit much in the Summer, but Spring and Fall pond fishing can be quite rewarding. Docks, rocks and shoreline structure often reinforce the fact that fish are holding to structure and close to the shoreline, as indicated in both of these pictures. Slow retrieves, almost vertical retrieves near structure, will produce fish.   

Tony has had his fair share of bigger fish, but you can see his, and Darly’s,  satisfaction with seducing these Crappie to the feathered creations.

Darly Reed with a nice Crappie (TMuncy)


Reed Canyon & Fish? (Inner City Discovery)

My 93 y/o aunt lives adjacent to Reed Canyon and the headwaters of Crystal Springs. I never paid  much attention. So, recently I was driving her to an appointment and what did I see but an obvious habitat improvement project. But, why there? I did a little query and what do you know, a fish habitat story worth following: The Reed Canyon Restoration Project

“Between 1973 and 1993, four population inventories found 16 species of fish from eight different families in Reed Lake. These included: Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (juveniles and adults); Steelhead and/or Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (juveniles and adults); Cutthroat Trout, Oncorhynchus clarki (juveniles and adults)…”

Crystal Springs (Reed Canyon) SwittersB

Crystal Springs from Reed Canyon (Habitat Improvement) SwittersB

Crystal Springs (Reed Canyon) SwittersB

It will be interesting to followup on this project over time to see if a safe passage way can be established/maintained.


Sturgeon on the Willamette River


Tony Muncy, Willamette, River, 'Keeper' 2-18-2011 SB

Sometimes A Man Has To Do What He Has To Do! Tony Muncy out with his uncle, Richard Zach on the Willamette (Columbia River for Sturgeon.)


Fly Fishing: Montana Pike

Several years ago, a good life long friend of mine moved to NE North Dakota and eventually to Billings, Montana. He was a trout fisherman for sure and I was intrigued as he explained the amazing hookups he had had for pike. Pike? Did seem a bit off track in the land of Steelhead, Salmon & Trout, he had just departed (Oregon). Bass and Carp were hard enough to embrace. Pike? Well he shared how predatorily, predaciously cool it was.


In the last several years, I have come to understand the scope and addiction of Pike Fly Fisher’s across the Northern latitudes. Simon Graham at his Pike Site is among several that give an exciting face to this species. So, while checking out Wayne Mumford at WillFishForWork, I saw he was mentioning his moment of recognition at BloodKnot. The piece is entitled The Beer Swilling, Spin Rod User’s Cousin. Check out BloodKnot and pay particular attention to pages 70-74 for Wayne’s well written praise to the toothy critter. Someday, I hope to try for this fish. Time seems in short supply to do it all, so I remain focused on trout with additional efforts to get better with a two hander for Steelhead.

Yet, top water for Pike (and Bass) does appeal to me. The predatory wallop does not offend my freshwater sensibilities. One thing is obvious as one studies fly fishing near and far…you fish for what you have available. Doesn’t matter the species, it is the process.


Fly Fishing: Carp & Waterfowl Don’t Mix (Malheur Lake)

Came upon this h/t  Trout Underground re Carp in Malheur Lake: “Carp are native to Europe and Asia and were artificially introduced into the Silvies River in about 1920, probably to keep nearby irrigation canals open on the premise that carp would eat aquatic plants and algae, Beck said.

Their numbers in Malheur Lake — which averages 18 inches deep — verges on the unbelievable. Biologists estimate 1.5 million carp inhabit the lake….”


Historic data of Rotenone treatments of carp at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge:
1957: 1.5 million carp killed in Malheur Lake and nearby Boca Lakes
1959: 58,000 carp killed in Blitzen River and Sodhouse Pond
1960: 400,000 carp killed in Malheur Lake and Blitzen River
1961: 150,000 carp killed in Malheur Lake and Blitzen River
1968: 240,000 carp killed throughout refuge
1969: Blitzen River treated with rotenone, number of carp killed unknown
1977: Unknown thousands killed in Malheur Lake and 50,000 killed in Blitzen River
1992: 100,000 killed in Blitzen River and Sodhouse Pond

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