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Fly Tying: Dragon Fly Nymph

Dragon Fly Nymph ~ SwittersB

Dragon Fly Nymphs & Fly Fishing

This dragon fly nymph pattern is tied on a size 6 hook. The plastic eyes (pick your color) were tied in on top of the shank with figure 8 thread wraps. The abdomen of the fly is created by selecting olive green and rusty brown marabou plumes. Each plume is tied in by the tip. The plume is wrapped or palmered up the shank in tight turns. The colors are alternated. The abdomen was created with 3 olive and 3 brown plumes. Once the palmering is completed the abdomen is shaped with sharp scissors or a razor blade. Here I used scissors. The intent is to shape a football like body. It looked pretty good to the naked eye. My nemesis, the macro lens, shows a more ragged shaping. I think my palmering was not closely spaced enough.

Next, I tied a dark brown, hen hackle collar. A wingcase was created from 5-10 strands of Rootbeer Krystal Flash. The strands are tied in with the tag ends toward the rear extending back a quarter inch. The wingcase is positioned back, out of the way, and a thorax is dubbed with dark olive rabbit fur (with guard hairs) around the eyes up to the hook eye. The wingcase is then pulled over the top of the thorax and then tied down. Trim off the excess and create a thread head.

Another method, that I have experimented with, is inserting marabou into a dubbing loop and spinning a loose noodle of marabou (don’t do it too tightly). These dubbing noodles are tightly wrapped also. The body is again shaped. I have not experimented with it enough on smaller flies.

TroutNut Bug Info re the Dragon Fly


Ban Fish Porn (waves v. dimples?)

“In the new Gray’s Sporting Journal, writer, consumer advocate and fly fisher Niki Christopher says about fish porn: “I don’t like it, and I question the taste of people who do.” Her article “The Money Shot” is worth reading if you think (like I do) that it’s a phrase that should be swept into the corner with scented flies and throbbing sound scores and other ideas that were unoriginal even before they hit fly fishing.” Midcurrent

I tried to find the piece by Ms. Christopher to see what the slant was on Fish Porn…couldn’t access it within GSJ. Is this a whack at the photo ‘money shots’ of say CatchMagazine or what? Seeing as how ‘taste’ is involved, it might be interesting to see if we have to break out the tweed or put away the nymphs. Perhaps the media-imagery barrage has over surged the psyche of those with a more ethereal bent?  I will be curious to find out.


Deschutes R. Habitat Threatened (State of Oregon….Fine Burlington Northern RR!)


” Hundreds — perhaps thousands — of old creosote-soaked railroad ties dumped along a 30-mile stretch of the Deschutes River may be removed in coming months thanks to persistent cage-­rattling by Eugene businessman and clean-water enthusiast John Brown.”

“A derivative of coal tar, creosote contains hundreds of different chemicals, many of them polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Some PAHs are toxic to aquatic organisms and designated as hazardous pollutants….”        EUGENE REGISTER GUARD POOR RESPONSE BY THE STATE OF OREGON


Flyosophy (Good Writing)

Most fly fishing enthusiasts, that have researched the sport a bit, are aware of Hatches Magazine, but I came across a subset I was unfamiliar with…Flyosophy: The Musings of “Sean Juan” Murphy~Flyosopher.

The piece entitled ‘2009’ is well worth a read about life’s transitions….can you relate?


Fly Fishing: Hey, Self Made Studs

Not sure this is worth the purported savings. But, for those always looking for the cost cutting angle, here is suggestion of inserting your own studs. Here, by contrast is the standard, commercial issue and pricing: Simms


Fly Fishing: Double Haul Casting (Motor Skills Impaired?)

This is a brief posting about the double haul method of fly casting with Eoin Fairgrieve.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Double Haul Rhythm


FlyTying: The Gimp (Wet Fly)

The Wet Fly is a classic pattern that is often fished in the traditional cast across and let it swing through the current toward your side of the river. This is used for species from grayling, trout to steelhead and salmon. However, the wet fly can be identically fished like a dry fly with the presentation maneuvered with mends and the rod tip. MidCurrent has a nice tutorial on fishing a wet beyond the swing. Remember Wets are perfectly suitable for lakes as well and are a staple for caddis, mayfly and chironomid/buzzer/midge/gnat patterns. By the video the wing on the Gimp appears to be canted toward the tier. I would have to think it is best positioned over the top of the shank. The body tied from yarn is similar to how many patterns were tied thirty + years ago. Wool and then synthetic yarns that were three strand were unraveled and a single strand was used to tie in and wrap the body. Still a perfectly suitable body.

The Gimp is an excellent and unusual trout fly that deserves a place in your kit. Tie this one!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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