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Alexandra Shevchenko’s Hops

Ok, I am an old guy with arthritis and poor coordination. I can barely wade a river without stumbling. So, when I see a young person hurling their body about with reckless abandon I find it fascinating. Given I get dizzy doing a forward roll, well kind of a forward roll, I find it fun to watch.

Alexandra Shevchenko & Friends


Parkour Fitness Cool

New York Training Day led by Parkour Generations. A film by Julie Angel featuring Stephane Vigroux, Dan Edwardes and Chris Keighley.

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Parkour Movements & Free Running (I Think I’ll Have Another Slice of Pizza)




OK, it's a Tabby and not a Panther

OK, it's a Tabby and not a Panther



Parkour: So, why you ask would this blog or an old guy care about a French discipline that has swept the world? Well, I was at one time pretty fit and daring. But, I was never blessed with balance nor an inner ear that suffered well the rapid relocation others enjoy in tumbling, roller coasters or rapid movements. I marvel at anyone that can move like these, shall I call them ‘athletes’?  I think so. An interesting discipline. Cat like in moves, the truly efficient are amazing to behold.There are established moves for the sport. Research it a bit and you will enjoy watching these transgressors of gravity, well not exactly..maybe better to say ‘successful transgressors of gravity’.     


Parkour, PK, Free Running (check it out…have the ice ready)

“Parkour (PK) is about responding appropriately to the terrain through which a person is moving and is not about extraneous movements or tricks. Flipping and other stunts that do not contribute directly to getting from point a to point b as quickly and efficiently as possible are not part of Parkour, but a related discipline called “Free Running” that is a distinct activity according to the people who have been the most influential in creating this new form of movement and self expression.”

PK Parkour

PK Parkour


It takes about 4 minutes to load the attachment and about 3 minutes to feel your lower back, ankels, and knees start to throb…I see this stuff and see how it has evolved from the Jackie Chan movements and marvel at the endurance, strength and tenates required…wow! Russian Climbing (or Parkour) is mind boggling. If we only did an extremely modified version, we would be in amazing shape. I have known I was not wired for bungee jumping, rock climbing, parachuting, downhill skiing, etc. I am not a thrill seeker in the sports tradition. I have had my adrenaline in other non-sporting pursuits in life. I like adrenaline. I just have a wierd inner ear, so odd movements send me off kilter. So, when I see these explosive athletes, I admire them. I am sure, if you take the time to load the video you will also.            

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