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Chesapeake Bay’s Menhaden Overharvesting: Omega & the Union

“I live on the chesapeake and encourage everyone to take 5 minutes and do a couple google searches. It will open your eyes and deeply sadden you at the same time. We have commercial boats from Omega corp cleaning every last menhaden out of the bay. These fish are VERY important to our eco system but unfortunately Omega Protein also has lots of money to give to our local politicians. Spread the word.” Comment at SwittersB from Blair a concerned citizen near Chesapeake Bay.

Catch of increasingly decimated Menhaden fish by Omega (2009)

So, I am being a bit sarcastic here and I admittedly don’t know the scale of resistance toward this seeming over harvest of the fish by Omega…but, I don’t find much on this as a cause for the activist that pine away over Pebble and over harvest in the North Atlantic? Perhaps not the same magnitude? Perhaps the poor Manhaden is not as revered? Perhaps the folks of Chesapeake Bay don’t pack the same cultural weight as the Alaskan tribes, not the commercial fishermen? Just asking. Just wondering??? Perhaps there is a full fledged movement to stop or moderate Omega Protein’s harvest rate? Is it monitored? Certainly the Obama Administration and his enviro guru’s are dialed in on this fish oil, pet food, fertilizer manufacturer??? Someone Trying?

Maybe we need a circle decal with Omega in the middle and a line drawn through. Of course, such feel good, spread the word tools may be too late for the lowly Menhaden?

Someone please enlighten me and not in that indignant tone please. What is being done? Please note the link I provided was posted in 2009, the picture from 2009….it was a supposed problem then. The comment from Blair is now.


Toxic Spill Peru Mining Op…Villagers Sickened

Peru Copper Mine Slurry Spills from Broken Pipe

“Most of the injured had joined in efforts to prevent liquid copper slurry from reaching a nearby river after the pipeline linking the Antamina copper mine to the coast ruptured last week in the village…”

Antamina Copper Mine in Peru


Pebble Mine: John Snively, CEO/Pebble Ltd. Partnership


Robert & Mihaela Vicol


Alaska’s New AG John Burns on State Sovereignty & the Resources

Alaska’s new Attorney General, John Burns, is an avid fly fisher. He also provides not so subtle clues on his position re statehood, state’s rights, Federal regulations and ‘overreach’, development of resources  and the environment in a piece in the Juneau Empire………

“Burns stated the biggest challenge so far is prioritizing the multitude of issues affecting the state. Outside of Alaska is the concern of state sovereignty and the frustration of dealing with Federal regulations and unnecessary overreach, and the federal government seeking to regulate that which they cannot legislate.”

“From our perspective, the ability of our state to become a state, to become an independent entity is critically dependent on its ability to develop its resources,” Burns said, quoting Parnell. Burns urges all Alaskans to read the Statehood Act as well. “The frustration is that, I strongly believe that anybody that lives in the state of Alaska, who has lived here for a long period of time, is an environmentalist. You cannot live in this great state and participate in all that we have and not want to see it continue. But at the same time we recognize that you can have different and responsible development coexisting with that ability to participate. The frustration that I see is that the rest of the world does not believe that we are competent enough to responsibly develop our resources. I don’t think that they believe we care about this wonderful state. To me that belies comprehension. Every Alaskan I have talked to, who has been here for any length of time, is here because it is such an incredible state. The thought that we would do something to ruin it is beyond comprehension to me.”

I wonder if Mark or Brad at Alaska (Juneau) Fly Fishing Goods (nice shop by the way) might ask John Burns, the next time he drops in to heft that new 6 wt., what his take is on the Pebble Mine issue and that  whole process. Unofficial position, of course.



Pebble Mine’s Reality Check (China)

I can by no means frame the contentious Pebble Mine debate any better than the article I am linking to in this post by Andrew Jensen @ The Alaska Journal of Commerce. Seriously take a few minutes to read it and consider the realities here. Whether the mining process moves forward or not based upon celebs, fishing industry, eviro’s and FFers input is, to me, frankly insignificant. The often ignored point is China. It is being ignored in our country’s current debt debate and financial crisis by many. China now owns us. China is one of the largest consumers of resources and will surpass us and India soon to consume the majority of natural resources. China will eventually own the majority interest in Pebble Mine. Yes. (China & Mining & Fishing) (China & Gold Production)

“So while China is snapping up mineral rights for essentials like copper and stockpiling its rare earth minerals — for which the U.S. is 100 percent dependent on imports — not developing Pebble may not be a luxury America can afford forever, according to Yale professor Oswald Schmitz.” (I say we won’t have a say because China will dictate the development for us)

So, with all the notable celebs and groups that have mounted anti Pebble attention why no substantive response from the Obama Administration. They (Dem’s) have held the power since 2006 (Congressional) and Executive since 2008. Why? The usual connect the media dots by such groups re all manner of fav issues is most often enough to result in legislation or executive orders for regulations to control most aspects of our life, especially in the last two years. Token BS about innovation for green this and that; wind turbines, solar…yadda yadda.  Why nothing substantive on Pebble Mine? The sense of urgency should be about our financial house of cards, our resources (managed or not) and China. Just a matter of time re the Pebble Mine holdings and China’s insertion into the mix. Then what?


Pebble Mine Update?

Hot button topic a few years ago. Much angst was generated against the then current administration. It appears that Obama et al (Browner/Salazar/USACE/BLM) are receiving a pass. This recent critique is somewhat tame with ‘apparently” and “maybe”. Pretty tepid. Pretty wimpy. Pretty trusting considering how much they are mucking up everything else. Also, given the Obama monies to PetroBras and the Soros investments in Platinum Group Metals (PMG) too much trust here is not deserved. Oh, please, spare me any Media Matters or HuffPo drivel. The focus on coal mining reforms should not distract from the Bristol Bay threat.

Pool 32 Mag & NatGeo provide  yet another visual and mental reminder that this whole issue of minerals v. fish; risk v. habitat is still there, and it is about time the pass for Obama et al stops!


NatGeo & Bristol Bay Overview



Hungary: Second Toxic Spill Likely

Workers are rushing to create dams to stop the additional leaking of 3 toxic pools. A current wall, that remains, is likely to breach. Company exec arrested.

“The sludge from last Monday’s spill reached the Danube — Europe’s second-largest river — on Thursday, raising fears of wider contamination in Hungary and countries downstream, including Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine.

Water test results released Friday, however, indicated the sludge may not harm the Danube after all. The pH level of the Danube water was only slightly higher than normal.

The exact chemical composition of the sludge has not been revealed, but aluminum processing normally involves compounds that include cyanide, cadmium and chromium.”  (more CNN)     (Aerial view)


Pebble Mine: Pebble Pedalers Journey

Calling attention to the proposed Pebble Mine and engaging in a 17,000 mile journey by bike. The intent is to focus attention of the unaware to the possible dangers of such a development. They have a blog and are in Central America (they started in Prudoe Bay). Follow their journey at Pebble Pedalers . They have T’s for sale to help finance their journey and also promote awareness. Good luck to the Berling bros. and their support team.


Alaskan Tribes File Against Pebble Mine Project (July 31, 2009)

“In an attempt to head off the project before it gets too big to stop, a coalition of Alaska Native village corporations and others filed suit this week in Anchorage, charging that the state was violating its Constitution by allowing drilling and other exploration to proceed without full environmental review.”

Gold Ore

Gold Ore

“Trout Unlimited and other conservationists back legislation that would require a separate set of reviews for the Pebble Mine, given its proximity to Bristol Bay, which generates a third of the state’s commercial fishing revenue. The state Legislature won’t have a chance to act on that until it re-convenes in January.”

“Pebble Partnership Chief Executive John Shively said there already has been full inspection by state and federal agencies, including the state Department of Fish and Game and the federal Environmental Protection Agency. “So it’s not like there’s no oversight,” he told KTUU-TV in Anchorage, “or that the public doesn’t have the ability to look at what our program is and to go tell the agencies what they think about it.”

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