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Ninnie the Cat: Sometimes She is like an Owl

Photography: I was lost in thought, when I turned my head to the right. And, there perched nearby was Ninnie the Cat. I hadn’t noticed her arrival. The sentinel, ever alert, she reminds me of an owl. Her countenance never changes. It is hard to tell by her eyes what is happening with her except they dart here and there at all times. No sleepy looks or half closed lids. Ever vigilant. She kind of freaks me out sometimes (no, not like the guy hiding in the bedroom from the family cat!). Except she is my gentle, sit on my chest, tap my face with her paw, alarm clock each morning without fail. “Time to eat!”

photography-cat-calico-cat eyes-SwittersB



Most Beautiful Girl

Well, one of them……

Aren’t they amazing? Loyal, in tune, close, shedding, loving. Emma is an amazing blessing in our lives. She wiggles and waggles and grins. Her wet, wagging tail leaves marks about the house at her level where ever she leans, wags or brushes by. Her coat sheds a ton. Her breath isn’t always the best. Her internal alarm clock is uncanny as she attempts to awaken me at 5:55am every morning and, if I am home, she stares at me for dinner at 3pm sharp. Maybe she can actually read? At any rate, she brings joy. I am sure you have or have had or know of such a pup.

Oops! Someone is jealous……….. Harley is not happy.


Penny The Cat

Perhaps you recall my coming home on more than one occasion to fly tying materials strewn far and wide. Predatory release at my tying materials, and mine, expense. Penny the Cat was at it. She is so on alert, hyper vigilant. It is seldom I see her snooze although she disappears for much of the day, beneath the bed or hiding in some cranny snoozing. But, every once in awhile she comes out of hiding to plop down and snooze. My wife captured this shot today…Penny in a trusting, restful pose.

Penny the Cat and Harley the Maltipoo chase each other often. One baits the other into attack. What is interesting is Harley for such a little butt is quite Alpha like. Yet, Penny thinks nothing of rousting Harley out of his high spots.


Big Dog & the Sun Roof

I’ve seen dogs, sitting in the back of pick up trucks, even a convertible, or usually staring into the wind out a side window. I have had them standing on the bow of an Alaskan fishing boat. But. this big dog had a most regal position yesterday. I was driving along beside him, attempting to snap the shot and not rear end someone. He had been much higher, staring straight ahead. He was lowering down here as I snapped the shot. He and the driver must be very frustrated in the rainy season.

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