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Stillwater Fly Fishing: Slip Bobber Review

It is about time to try that wind drifted fly beneath a slip bobber or a suspended midge pupa on your favorite lake. I have posted similar videos before re this technique. Came upon this one via Singlebarbed at Idaho Fly Company. Scroll down to the short clip and watch the simple instructions. Remember the advice to keep the loop shorter than the peg. Use as small of an indicator/bobber as you can. Use this to wind drift a pattern across a stretch or into an area. Also, if you need that pattern to stay put and at a certain depth downwind of you…this will accomplish that presentation.

This may not be the most fun way to fly fish, but the technique should be added to your presentation arsenal.


Fly Tying: Halfback Nymph….A Lesson Here

This post, is aimed at the beginning fly tier, fly fisher who is attempting to clarify, exactify (my word) the confusing array of fly patterns and eventual variations. You will come across pattens that have many variations and some that claim to have been originated by one tier over here while over there another tier is attributed with the origin of the fly.

My advice is don’t get caught up on the historical aspects of a pattern unless you are a fiy fishing history buff. I am not. I will query a fly pattern name and origin, but if it starts getting murky then I move on to a more practical side of the endeavor: What does the pattern/fly imitate? How would I tie that fly? How would I present that fly? In the end, I am not going tell the fish or a bystander that ‘I am fishing the Halfback Nymph, which was originally tied by John Dexheimer’, or is it ‘the Halfback Nymph by Jack Shaw’.

Unless you are a historian cataloging fly patterns (good luck in this day in age), forget the who and focus on the what and how. What is it representing? How do I tie it and fish it. Too many variations out there to sort out the who anymore…I think.

Halfback Nymph typical of B.C. stillwater patterns

Phillip Rowley @ Fly Anglers Online Pattern

Halfback Nymph version by Nathan Streeter (LoJ's)

Nathan Streeter’s Halfback Pattern at LoJ’s

Halfback Nymph @ Charlie's Fly Box

Halfback Nymph @ Charlies’s Fly Box

As you can see by the four recipe/pattern versions of the Halfback Nymph the beginning tier could be confused if seeking exacting information. All of the above patterns have merit and would-do catch fish. You will come to tie the ones that work and admittedly are pleasing to your eye.

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