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Francis Frith….captivating photography

of Britain in the day…..

Francis Frith & Britain



the hobby of taking photos…

“It pleases me to take amateur photographs of my garden, and it pleases my garden to make my photographs look professional.” ~Robert Brault

flowers & rose collage-SwittersB


U.S. Fed Job Opening: Nat’l Parks Photographer

Ansel Adams Tetons

Ansel Adams Famous Tetons and Snake River

U.S. Federal Position to Photograph National Parks

My sweet friend, Rose, sent me this job posting as a kind compliment. Perhaps someone younger, better equipped and having time to explore would find this the chance of a life time. Ansel did………


Photography: Sometimes It Is Just Black & White……

or shades of gray. Looking at the previous post re cactus flowers, it is evident I like that pop of color because…….

So much of my photographic efforts are impulsive and frankly not well reasoned. I can’t say I just do it. I do give some thought to positioning, angles, lighting, texture and color. But, even that is still less thought out. I think color is uplifting to my psyche? Maybe it just pleases, soothes and that’s it.

So, black and white or gray scales of imagery is appealing because…….

Hmm? Again not sure. Obviously, I am quite primitive or immature or limited by my conceptual awareness while pushing that button. Black & White images seem other worldly. They seem to be  in an adjoining time dimension or dream like. Somewhere our mind would visit but not stay. 

I really do need to develop some technical awareness here. Today’s cameras and apps make for lazy knowledge. For us lazy minded students of the art form….ones that just feel, imagine, impulsively snap away based on some intuitive twitch…..thank goodness! I’m having a hard time learning anything anymore.

Old Vines Barn SwittersB

old ladder bar  swittersb

Old Handle Fence SB


However there are those times that just beg for color!!! They are times we want to linger, want to savor and want the colors.

Trout and SwittersB Red Scarf_1024



Photography: Lean Too………

Tilt Building SwittersBAs Winter approaches with heavy winds, snow and ice just how much more can these old timbers take before the weight forces the structure over. The missing roof no doubt helps reduce some of the burden. Photographing old, weathered boards and structures resonates in me. The beauty of the grain, the weathered appearance are pleasing. But, beneath that is the historical & human questions of who, when, how, why etc. that always are there. I like that.

Lean Too 3


Photography: Begs questions……..


log cabin corner S B

x stone wall crop

Have to admit to being pretty much a novice re photography. I see opportunities. But, the mechanics of the camera, so far, escape me. I will eventually gather all the how to’s up into smooth actions in the field. But, for now, I do more seeing and thinking….preferrable to me.

Nature shots are more about light, shapes, textures and spirituality. Old structures, man made presence, beg questions. The Who’s, What’s, How’s, etc. make me stand there and imagine. Do you do that too? Such outings, often lead to back at home research to answer those questions.

broken top SBCemeteries are another place that give me pause…a balance between nature, man and spirit.


Stoneflies & The Deschutes R. by Todd Moen

Found this Todd Moen video from Catch Mag over on LeMouching Blog (Cyril Kamir). Probably has circulated about quite a bit already but I loved watching it. Even if you don’t fish that much give it a watch and enjoy the big Redsides swamping those Stoneflies on the Deschutes River. Gets the juices flowing.


Photography: Unconsidered, Unnoticed

End Cap Bottom Stairsx

Everyday events that go unnoticed, unconsidered, yet take place day to day, year after year. Such is the matter of the above end cap at the bottom of the staircase in our home. The family has resided in this home in varying degrees for 5900+ days…the staircase has never been re-painted. Day after day, the family of four has gone up and down the stair case and pivoted or balanced on at least one of the several end caps along the staircase. This unnoticed, unimportant, unconsidered event came to mind today as I considered the worn and dinged up staircase. Paint chipped, faded paint, the type of thing you come to recognize when you stand back and see the wear and tear of 16 years. Yep, nothing to do with fly fishing or the great outdoors…just unnoticed parts of life.


Historic Photography: Timothy Sullivan (1840-1882)

Paiutes by Timothy Sullivan

The short lived Timothy Sullivan captured images of the Civil War and the American West.


Photography: Quick Snap of My Little Green Friend

While working at the Hoarding House today, I was encountering somewhat sleepy pests and critters. Two Yellow Jackets ended up on my neck, falling from a Birch tree as I moved beneath the leaves, brushing by enough to dislodge them. Luckily, I didn’t get nailed.

Sitting on my shoulder, having walked down from my neck. After the yellow jackets, I am glad I didn’t freak out and do damage brushing the little guy off.

But another friend, a little green friend somehow ended up on my neck and shoulder and stayed long enough to pose before fluttering off. I am not sure what the little guy is, but a brilliant green body, wings, red eyes and red bands on the legs caught my eye.

Final pose before taking flight into the vegetation nearby.

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