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Drifting down river…

in a drift boat on a NW river looking for early Winter steelhead…

rapids-clackamas river-Oregon-swittersb


thinking back….

“Old empty chairs are not empty in reality; memories always sit there!” Memet Murat ildan



take care…

me-salmon river-SwittersB-Oregon

As some of you know, SwittersB & Exploring use to be SwittersB & Fly Fishing. I switched names because my interests had expanded into a broader arena, photography wise. That said, in the past, I frequently reminded readers to stay fit for safety reasons. I am ever more convinced of the need for maintaining strength and flexibility, particularly in the lower extremities if one is out hopping about on uneven terrain (see those shoreline rocks behind me).

I have taken several bad falls the last few years along rivers and trails, which ultimately required a complex surgery on my ankle this Spring (further I have damaged the back, wrists and elbows). The rehabilitative process is ongoing and not like it was even ten years ago.

Please maintain your foot, leg, hip, core strength especially if you are out moving about on uneven surfaces. Once older, the restorative consequences are sobering. Stay stronger, be safe!!!


The season cometh…

By now, I have usually reminded my fellow fly fishers/fly tiers that it is time to inventory the fly boxes and gear in anticipation of the coming Trout season. If you fish during the Fall/Winter, as I sometimes do, your gear can be much divided mess of Steelhead, Salmon and Trout equipment/tools etc. I usually have to cull out the essentials for Trout fishing and then take an inventory of all my fly boxes to see what needs to be tied (assuming you tie your own) or purchased. That will also necessitate an inventory of your fly tying materials that you may have packed away last Summer/Fall.  Find that old checklist and get started. If you don’t, you will be scrambling when that invite comes.

Trout Collage-Fly Fishing-Oregon-SwittersB

All Trout Caught/Released


Mt. St. Helens across Sturgeon Lake…

Mt. St. Helens’ History

Mt. St. Helens-Sturgeon Lake-Sauvie Island-SwittersB


Time down the drain…

Dirty Sink-Stain-SwittersB

We waste so much of our lives tethered to this task, that struggle, those priorities…then we seek to slow down to salvage, to regain health, mental stability, time…  I don’t have an answer, beyond instincts, to survive after much lost time. Explaining this to our children and grandchildren is the remaining task.

43 days on hold

on phone


Caregiver Depression…

Some reports estimate that over 75% of elders with dementia are cared for in home usually by spouses and family members. Further, over a third of those caregivers will succumb to pronounced depression, exhaustion and anger. While the focus is on the elder with dementia and the sadness, frustration and realities this causes you, be mindful that the one spending all day, all night caring for that loved one….another loved one…may be suffering on many levels and keeps it from you with that stoic or smiling persona. Have a plan of care and support for the ‘patient’ and the caregiver. Somber times, harsh realities, not time to turn away. 



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Count your blessings, instead of your troubles. You attract more blessings by acknowledging the ones you already have, no matter how small they may seem.

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