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Fly Tying: Streamer Patterns Aggregated

I was contemplating tying up some enticing streamer patterns for some large mouth bass that eluded my last year but will succumb this year to my creations. I thought of Simon Graham, a guru of streamer patterns for Pike. I recalled (see my mind is just flitting all about) that Simon may have moved from Finland back to his original home of South Africa (or was he vacationing?).

At any rate, Simon could perhaps offer up instructions on how to tie those baitfish patterns that might be applicable to these rather large LMB’s I have been thinking about all Winter.


Simon Graham Bouncer Fly

Well, in searching out his name to see if he had moved, I could not get a sense from his site. But, I came upon another site that not only had Simon’s how to’s but numerous other how to’s for Pike streamers. Check out RodTrips’ Aggregated grouping of how to tie Pike Fly Streamers Tutorials….Simon’s blogs are in my blog roll, right side column too.


New Possibilities, New Promises….Seize the Moment

Morning of Possibilities (SwittersB)

Spring has sprung indeed. Despite some tumultuous weather in the midwest and South, finally there seems to be some opportunity to get out and wet a line. If you were a winter steelheader or salmon chaser, then you have been out all winter long, save the blow outs or frozen guides, and then maybe you were still out there. But, the trout/grayling fisher or pike fisherman have been limited by seasonal closures or frozen landscapes.

All the tying and fiddling with gear now culminates in season openers or ice off or time off. New possibilities. New seasons. The doldrums and/stir crazy days of winter are behind. Time to enjoy life a little more now. 


Fly Fishing: Montana Pike

Several years ago, a good life long friend of mine moved to NE North Dakota and eventually to Billings, Montana. He was a trout fisherman for sure and I was intrigued as he explained the amazing hookups he had had for pike. Pike? Did seem a bit off track in the land of Steelhead, Salmon & Trout, he had just departed (Oregon). Bass and Carp were hard enough to embrace. Pike? Well he shared how predatorily, predaciously cool it was.


In the last several years, I have come to understand the scope and addiction of Pike Fly Fisher’s across the Northern latitudes. Simon Graham at his Pike Site is among several that give an exciting face to this species. So, while checking out Wayne Mumford at WillFishForWork, I saw he was mentioning his moment of recognition at BloodKnot. The piece is entitled The Beer Swilling, Spin Rod User’s Cousin. Check out BloodKnot and pay particular attention to pages 70-74 for Wayne’s well written praise to the toothy critter. Someday, I hope to try for this fish. Time seems in short supply to do it all, so I remain focused on trout with additional efforts to get better with a two hander for Steelhead.

Yet, top water for Pike (and Bass) does appeal to me. The predatory wallop does not offend my freshwater sensibilities. One thing is obvious as one studies fly fishing near and far…you fish for what you have available. Doesn’t matter the species, it is the process.


Pike Tattoo (Piking Cool)

Piking Tattoo (Ta2oo)



streamers in the box…have at least a few (Remember Big Fish Kill Little Fish)


Big Fish Eating Little Fish by Pieter Breugel the Elder



Spruce Fly, Muddler Minnow, Woolly Bugger, Zonkers, Clousers, Black Nosed Dace, The Mickey Finn………..have several patterns and know how to present them in the shallows of a lake for big, cruising browns or along the cut banks of a stream where the predator lurks. Not Eat, Not Cosume, Big Fish Slash, Engulf, Kill smaller fish. 



 At some point, have the few streamers in the box and think about the chase, the presentation, and how to excite the fish. Every season there are several points in which a streamer will entice that cruising thug in the shallows of a lake or waiting and what they are best suited for…



Mr. Brown Meets Little Bow

Mr. Brown Meets Little Bow


Pike Place Market (Fly Fishing for, perhaps ‘the’ Predator?)

Archepeligo Mirror~Simon Graham

Archepeligo Mirror~Simon Graham


I have to say that I am a complete novice re Pike. I can only bring my own instincts to predation and that instinct borne from all fishing of inducing that take through movement, smell, color, sound. I am admittedly intrigued by this long, sleek killer and would love to fish for them someday. Not sure it will happen, but the enviorns closest to me in the Northern U.S. and Canada..seem so appealing and the big fly, shallower waters and observed take…wow! I also enjoy reading about other parts of the world where these fish are taken. I love steelhead, salmon, all trout, but these critters could become addictive. I am sure those that chase bass, walleye, carp etc. feel the same.  But, one has to acknowledge true predators…pike fit that bill. I want to learn more and there are some beautiful photographs on the attached link and interesting sites from Graham’s site….enjoy, I did.  

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