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Taking Chances & Risks

“Necessity is the mother of “taking chances” Mark Twain

“No noble thing can be done without risks” Michel de Montaigne

Have you ever ducked, dodged and prayed through a piñata event? I mean the type that has everyone standing within three feet of the kid with the stick. In a barn, a small back yard, a covered patio or in a basement even. Yes, these are exciting events especially if your own kid’s dental work is at stake during the event. That is the classic risk-reward event that only a kid would temp. An adult might think it through too much…say from a risk management, liability, danger, insurance deductible point of view. Hence the opportunity for being silly, being humiliated, getting cold cocked is lost. A shame when you think of it. I now think life is too short, put on the blindfold, grab the stick and swing with reckless abandonment! Some adults, from my personal observations, appear to view this game as a way of culling out the weak ones from the family lineage/violent/.

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Piñata & Pignatta: Mayhem Against Your Temptations

Oh my. We have witnessed some celebratory  Piñata over the years. Having been invited to quite a few birthday parties by our dear friends from Mexico, we have held our breath as blindfolded children swung away while other children bobbed and weaved to avoid be coldcocked by a swinging stick, bat, bar and shovel handle. We have watched this in backyards, barns and basements (Winter time).


Sonia Flores Ruiz (Fine Art America)

This morning, I was watching a program re the history of the Piñata. The show noted the origin was in Italy (Pignatta). The piece to be battered originally had seven protruding spikes, which represented the Seven Deadly Sins (Mortal/Cardinal). The  Pignatta was representative of temptations or the devil and was battered to defeat temptation and the reward was the modest gifts contained inside that fell to earth with the defeat of temptation. Today, of course, candy usually falls to the floor.

I say usually because a few years ago, our backyard Piñata effort had a different ending. The kids swung away, battering the Piñata until it broke. But, kids and adults stood silent. Nothing fell out. Everyone looked at my Mom-in-law. “Where’s the candy?” She exclaimed “I paid $8.00 for that thing. You mean there’s no candy inside?!” She didn’t realize she had to fill it and reseal it. 

The Pignatta tradition moved into Spain to become the Piñata tradition and eventually to the New World as a religious celebration to help instill Catholic values and compete with the native rituals. Today, the Piñata is less the religious ritual and seven spiked affair and more the celebratory event for kids.

If everyone is lucky, no one gets clobbered!!

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