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above Yucca Valley…

off Pioneertown Road headed down to Yucca Valley, California.

Rock formation-snag tree-California-SwittersB


Photography: Who………….?

porch top final Sb-001

Who designed and turned the spindles above the door adding curvature and ornateness to the otherwise straightness of the house in the desert?

porch middle_DL SB

Who knocked upon that door…who rushed out that door to hear the screen door slam behind…left that door and never came back?

porch bottom_DL SB

Were footsteps upon the porch welcomed or dreaded? Did anyone sit on the porch and watch and listen to the coyotes at night? Who cut these boards, selected these boards and crafted this home?

All questions that popped into my mind as I stood alone on a windy evening. No more answered now than then………


Nature: Lightning & Trees

lightning snag tree SBOn a recent outing, we noticed that few trees had survived not being struck by lightning. Here is an interesting few facts about a tree’s survival in lightning country and how historical trees might be preserved (read more)

“Many trees are severely injured internally or below- ground by lightning despite the absence of visible, external symptoms. Lightning or electrical current passes from the trunk of the tree through the roots and dissipates in the ground. Major root damage from electricity may cause the tree to decline and die without significant aboveground damage.”


Photography: Pioneertown, California

Yesterday, I mentioned the Westerns filmed at Pioneertown, California. Yesterday, we decided to venture back up that way and check out the movie sat and Pappy and Harriet’s for music and dinner.

Pioneer Town mapI have to say the drive up to Pioneertown from Yucca Valley was a spectacular, surreal 4 mile journey. Amazing rock formations; other worldly!

The temps on the valley floor had been a very blustery mid 70’s, but by the time we got up to Pioneertown it was an even more windy 50 degrees and I wasn’t prepared for the temp change and wind. Trying to photograph in the wind led to some pretty fuzzy photographs but I will share what turned out reasonably well………..


No matter where, people have their priorities straight.

PT1PT2PT3PT5PT6 PT7PT8PT9The names of the streets on the town map are revealing of that era. I especially like Kimosabe Rd.

Yes, there are signs of the modern era (light fixtures, wiring, corrugated roofs, signage for local shops) but the main street of the facades is enjoyable to stroll with no one around. There are Saturday events, recreating the ‘wild west’ days, but I especially enjoyed walking this street on a cool, windy evening with not another hombre in sight.

Pappy and Harriet’s was great food, bebidas, staff along with a jammed house taking in local talent on open mic night. Cool venue, very diverse crowd, great people watching.

doc PT


Old Movies: I Recognized Those Rocks

When I toured the Joshua Tree Nat’l Park, I remarked that the rock formations were so reminiscent of what I recall seeing as a young boy in the mid 50’s. The old Western movies often had these unique rock formations in the background as White hats chased Dark hats, single action six shooters blazing.

JT Rock Pile SB

I did a little research and discovered a little spot near the Joshua Tree N.P. named Pioneertown. This was where many older Westerns were filmed. Roy Rogers, Cisco and Poncho, Gene Autry to name a few rode through these badlands in the day. And, if you are probably 60 or older and watched those Westerns you will recall those special rocks in the background. Watch Cisco & Poncho here (scroll into the movie to 9:15 up to 11:20 for the rock formations…in the rest of the movie, the old buildings were part of the movie set for Pioneertown).

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