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A place to slow down…

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Allen Saunders

(Woods by Old Germantown Rd. near Portland, Oregon)


wedding day morning…

a backyard wedding

preparing another’s vision

words, tears and then beers

wedding, seating, backyard, SwittersB


Where does time go?

The holiday season, in particular, elicits a great deal of thoughts and emotions for many. Yes, the blessings or seeming lack there of preys upon the mind, heart and stomach. But, whether your life is bountiful or lonely another element ever more preys upon my mind….time. Fleeting time. It is true what they said long ago, when I was young, ‘the time just seems to fly by ever faster’. And you know what, it does. Days, weeks, months and then years fly by ever faster. A few trips, a few family gatherings, a few accomplishments and a whole lot of time unused, wasted, evaporating. When you are younger it seems never ending and when you are older I think we still take it for granted.


I have this memory etched into my mind: my Mom was in hospice in our home. She was dying of cancer. She became more reflective and withdrawn. We never did have long conversations about our inner thoughts. Just didn’t happen. But, one day a short utterance from her came forth. “You know Gary, I never really did anything in life. It all went by so fast. I still feel like a little girl…afraid.” 

A strong recollection, a prompt to live life and love life. The time is still going to fly by. So what are you going to do today to make it a little bit more meaningful for you and those you like & love? 



Fully Loaded……..

Winter Preparations: Mind numbing cold…second guessing your pursuit. Wearing layers to the max and still the fingers feel as if a hammer has smacked them and the toes are getting numb. All the personal drive and desire to hook a Steelhead in the cold flows is seriously challenged by nature’s weather offerings. Beginner or seasoned, are you prepared? Change of clothing? Notifications made of where you will be? Emergency plan and communications if you get injured? Have you studied up a bit on hypothermia and recognize the early warning signs? 

Hiking, photography, skiing, snow shoeing, camping, fishing in the Winter, even if in close proximity to your rig, require some forethought to what if’s and the consequences of your decisions. Gear, checklist, notifications where you will be, weather reports, change of clothing, full tank….Semper Paratus!

™ Spey SwittersB-Winter-Two hander-fishing-steelhead-Oregon



“Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory.” Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

brooding-dark clouds-lake-nature-Oregon-photography-SwittersB


Artsy…..but plan ahead!

“All work is the avoidance of harder work.” James Richardson

“The time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining.” JFK

holes in the roof-swittersb-photography-Oregon-SwittersB


Photography: Creative Vacancy…..

How do you plan your photographic exploits? For me, usually, it has centered around two ‘plans’: a vacation/outing that is going to provide some opportunities and haphazard driving around town and seeing an opportunity. One is planned around the trip and the other is random and maybe I have my camera along.

As of tomorrow, I will be gainfully unemployed (‘retired’). So, some time slots in my daily routine are opening up. I have a yearning to plan more and not just where I am going, but maybe on what I would like to start looking for to photograph. The surprise opportunity is nice. But, what am I missing by not giving a little more thought to the where and what of it all?

Vacancy FF Collage swittersb

Urban decay, rural, old, worn, natural, contrasts, angles, rock formations, clouds, color, black & white, trees, flowers, rust, steel, decay, the what, when, why, how, where of it all (history). I notice I am not drawn often to new lines, urban construction & growth and shiny.  Some planning is in order to take me there and then let my imagination and eye collect the possibilities. Oh, I think I will also have an opportunity to throw a line more often too!

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