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Spey Tying & Fishing: The Under Employed Rebels


Fisheads Flies 'n Lore

Via Spey Heads (FB) for Fish Heads Flies and Lore

Indulgent individualism? Rebels without a care? Whatever, they help tweak the realm, even if you hate them, envy them, support them. Sometimes fish bums are akin to foodies, the well traveled, the spoiled few….you want to just slap the shit out of them. Then again, you like knowing them too.



Life = Pilliing (Livin’ It?)

Life = “…pilling is the formation of small, fuzzy balls on the surface of a fabric. It detracts from the appearance of the fabric, making it look old and worn, and it is often difficult to restore a garment with fabric pilling to its original condition. Certain types of fibers and weaves are more prone to fabric pilling than others, but it is often a normal part of wear and tear.”

Pilling Along The Way (SwittersB)

Live your life. Pills are a normal part of life. If you haven’t got any, what the hell are you waiting for? If you do, embrace them your sorry son of a bitch!  Ok, I just watched “We Were Soldiers” A bit over inspired, perhaps.

No, I recently ran into an old acquaintance from another life of say 25 years ago. A life boxed and compartmentalized for  sanity’s sake. He remarked about some ol’ timers he had run into from the old, hard days and how those men all were stuck back in negativity and the past. We shook our heads knowing it was wasteful, but looking over our shoulder to be careful negativity was not looming. I raised my glass to that old friend and saluted where we had been, and more importantly, where we were now. In the present! To the past (if you can remember it) and to the present and future. Rough up that fabric. Oh, psycho babble aside, if the lid on the box is ajar; close it.


Fly Fishing: What the Hell Happened?

How did this so slowly evolve without some alarm bell being activated? I recently found myself taking a break during the course of a short four hour window of fishing. I sat down on a bench and took in the river. No edgy energy. No sense of urgency. I just sat there and took it in.

It seems like just yesterday that I hit the river at first light and fished all day with seldom a break for lunch. I had boundless energy. I recall the slightly older gents I fished with barely got in an hour or two and they would retreat to sit and socialize shore side. Why, I wondered? We were burning daylight and opportunities. Why would anyone squander this precious time on the water?

Now, something has changed. Less testosterone? Less serotonin? Injuries? I have always appreciated nature and had an eye for the beauty near and far from the water, but took it in while intensely focused on fishing. So, is seems to be this change is upon me. I sense it is not a passing phase, but rather a transition. Embrace it? Like so many things in life, at my age, you adapt and strive for a positive attitude. Hell, what’s next…naps on camping trips? It’s all good.


SwittersB’s New Year’s Resolutions

Patience…Healthy eating habits…Much more two handed rod work…Seriously tying smaller flies…A week on East Lake…A healthy heart…Learning how to take better macro photographs…Mid-week excursions on the Deschutes R….Smallmouth Bass to the fly…Recapturing my yard and my gardening spirit…Conquering my deceased mom’s hoarding house (half way there)…Taking care of my 93 y/o aunt (also a hoarder)…Enjoying solitude and a mind at peace…Celebrating my blessings….blogging with continued passion.


Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit………

The cold weather absolutely prompts this urge to cook a pot of beans. My dad always craved a pot of pinto beans, cooked plain. After cooking the pot of beans, he would add, on the side, corn bread or white bread and bacon. Plenty of pepper was dashed upon the top of the beans.

Every time I watch some old western movie, the camp cook slops a spoon full of beans on an old tin plate and the ranch hand is seen scooping in spoonfuls of beans into their mouths followed by them mopping up the bean juice with some bread or tortillas…that is more than a spartan meal to me. It is comfort food.

I have admittedly adorned my beans with more than my dad did. More seasonings, more meat, more types of beans. And, like him, I seem to make enough for the neighborhood. You, of course, may add many more seasonings to your beans. I keep it fairly simple. Wait on any tomato based additives until the very end.

Beans Soaking (SB)

You can soak your beans for about 6 hours over night or quick soak them (bring beans to a boil then turn off and let soak for half the time). I usually rinse the beans, inspect for grit and a pebble or two and then soak over night. That requires some forethought so if you are sitting there at mid-morning and get a hankering for beans go for the quick soak and get busy.   BEANS

I cook up 2 pounds of lean ground beef for less fat and better texture. You could use other meat that suits you, but I opt for ground beef. I drain off any fat and season the meat with chili powder, red wine and cumin. I set it aside and only add it to the beans near the end.

The beans are cooked  in a large pot. I pay attention to not scorch the beans and to pay attention to the water level. Growing up, I recall my mom would get busy with chores, gabbing or a nap….and boy howdy, burn the beans! So cooking the beans requires a little attention to the water level. This will also determine whether your beans are thicker or more soup like.You can even add a touch of rice.

Not Just for the Beans (SB)

I always follow the portions technique of ‘if a little is good, then more is better’. Hence, I end up with large portions. But, I must admit, I will eat many bowls of the beans over the weekend. Once the beans are cooked, I stir in the already cooked beef and let it simmer for a bit. Once it is served up, I add the obligatory black pepper atop the beans.

Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit……………

Oh, to avoid discord: try to limit spattering grease, dried bean juice, and dirty pots and pans. I, once again, didn’t do very well re that.


Fly Fishing Blog: Gold Joe’s Adventures


A good friend’s entry into the fly fishing world (and don’t hold it against him…he runs). NW based and worthy of ongoing visits. Welcome Monte!





Fly Fishing, Your Kids & FF Clubs

TMuncy @ Hosmer L. '98 (SwittersB)

From an early age, I attempted to teach my sons the in and outs of fly fishing. I have admitted here before that I erred over and over. Patience was critically short and hard come by, by someone use to focusing upon self. In time, I realized the critical balance necessary to teach and have a child that comes to love the sport years later. One of the best things I did, eventually, was to expose one of my sons to a fly fishing club. He was the only youth, surrounded by men and women that embraced his youth. He kept his place, watched, listened and absorbed. If you have a nearby fly fishing club that is youth tolerant and your child is not too shy…take them to club meetings, club outings (fishing, cleanups, picnics, fundraisers, classes). Your kid will blossom before your eyes. The experiences help your child learn the sport, but also to engage adults (club members, if interested will challenge your child to conversations and basic social graces). Give it some thought…take your son or daughter, but let them actually participate and grow. When you can actually photograph your kid playing a fish and not fret over the outcome, you and your child are in the right place in time. I now have three sons that are pretty darn good fishers….despite me and because of me. Patience.

TMuncy '99 Central Oregon (SwittersB)

TMuncy (SwittersB '08)

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