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Runoff Catch Basins + Plantings = Filtered Waters

Seemingly, they could have built a damn or bridge for the time it took to build 16 catch basins (Watersheds and Stormwater Basins/Planters) on my neighborhood street. But, I gave the City of Portland the benefit of the doubt re the projects. This past early Spring the construction was finished with signage that promised plantings (Columbia River Habitat: Portland Green Streets Project). This morning, I noticed the plantings were staged for planting.

Catch Basin full after heavy rains with plantings standing on edge ready for plantings.

Upper, smaller basin full and ready to spill over into larger basin with plantings.

Here, a few miles away are catch basins that are still awaiting their plantings. These catch basins drain off a much steeper gradient. These basins seem to draw much more water at a faster rate and drain sooner into the nearby sloughs.


Every Day in May Writing Challenge: Conservation & Pigs


Conservation? Well, I live in Oregon..duh. It’s a given. Or is it? It seems it should be given the perception in much of the I-5 corridor of being at one with Nature. But, it seems to me that there needs to be, even here, a re-acquaintance with the basics of picking up after one’s self. I rarely see a public service announcement about the basics of littering in Oregon. I can’t speak to elsewhere. I don’t want to. There is, for me, to much of that. Take care of your own back yard first before our minds traipse off on every global BS initiative.

Of course, that said, look at this Indonesian gem of perversion, poverty and stench:

And, of course, less than a month ago I highlighted the Salton Sea’s alleged demise, via the New River, after visiting it’s shore. But, I still believe that many of us need to focus on our home waters to generate awareness about stream habitat projects, volunteer projects, creating public service projects about littering along streams and rivers (most campaigns seem focused on littering from cars on the move). The dumping of truck loads of garbage in vacant lots is egregious. The dumping of garbage by bank fishermen is equally obnoxious, if seemingly less harmful than the Citarum River’s garbage problem above.

Oregon Bank Fishermen on rivers and lakes: That styrofoam cup or plastic lid that held eggs or worms; that old glass jar that held those Pautzke Eggs or Power Bait, the carton that held sand shrimp, the empty spool of Berkley or Maxima fishing line, the wadded up tangle of twelve pound fishing line, cigarette butts, beer cans, sandwich bags, bottles, toilet paper. I don’t have to connect the dots here. Certain types near put and take fisheries join together to create a mess and there seems zero effort to prevent littering, over harvesting, snagging, or awareness. While I can decry the poverty and filth in Jakarta, I feel more compelled to create awareness here on my home waters.

 I have done my part on numerous occasions to help in cleanup projects along river’s edges (Sandy River, Salmon River, Crooked River, Mollala River, Wilson River, Necanicum River) but, each time I am cleaning up the discarded crap of pigs, I am left wondering why we don’t do more. Illegal dumping signs quoting penalties and statute numbers are required, but public pressure and awareness ad campaigns are in order. If Smoky Bear was here today…………. 

Tomorrow’s Every Day in May Outdoor Blogger’s Writing Challenge: Waders


Fish Habitat Requires Women to Foresake Birth Control!!!

Hot Raw Sewage by Trey Ratcliff at

“Of course, scientists and environmental groups alike are very careful to avoid making recommendations for restricting artificial contraceptives. (Oh, well yes, we want to be careful)

As we all know, most of us would not take kindly to the suggestion of restricting or banning hormonal contraceptives. In today’s modern world, it has become not just an issue of economic necessity, but also an issue of personal choice and freedom.”

“There is mounting, creditable research and evidence that documents this contamination. This contamination is beginning to have significant affects on the reproductive function and is feminizing fish and other wildlife.”

(Don’t even start….!)


Salton Sea’s Eco-Evolution (Evolve or Devolve or ………..)


Dusty Lens by Steve Bingham  (Amazingly Gifted Eye)

“The Salton Sea is the largest inland body of water in California, and easily its most toxic. Once a haven for tourists, fishermen and boaters — in the 1950s it was touted as “the American Riviera” — years of polluted runoff from agricultural and industrial sites, not to mention untold amounts of untreated sewage from Mexico, pumped into the sea via one of America’s dirtiest waterways, the Northward-flowing New River, have turned the Salton into a truly foul place.” SwittersB’s Recent Trip too

“At one time the Salton Sea was among the state’s most productive fisheries. (During WWII, when German submarines made ocean fishing dangerous, most of Southern California’s fish were harvested in the Salton.) But steadily increasing levels of toxins, algae, salt and bacteria led to a number of massive die-offs — the largest, in 1999, killed 7.6 million fish — and its once-thriving population of migratory birds are sickened each year with selenium and botulism poisoning. The Sea is 25% saltier than the ocean and getting saltier every year…”  (more to read)

Another Perspective (The Salton Sea Chronicles)

Salton Sea Environment

More Info re Salton Sea


Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Failure (25 years broken promises)

With ever increasing portions of our economy, liberty and $$$ going to the Feds, it is disconcerting that so many are eager, almost fanatical in their green fervor, to turn all control, over this green process, to the Feds, and hence all residual portions of the economy. This green folly…a new religion…will be an abysmal failure and have devastating consequences to our economy, way of life and freedoms. And, if the wealthy States of Maryland and Virginia, cannot clean up the notable Chesapeake Bay (no doubt with Fed $ and oversight) then how does one imagine the Feds can manage anything bigger and more complex? Much like taking apart the engine, but not knowing how to put it back together. Easy to tear down. Folly, I say. State and Local Govt’s failed in urban/suburban growth management and by the map charting amonia it is apparent Baltimore/Wash. D.C.  really failed. I am sure there is more to this than I presently understand, but one thing is certan, the Feds rarely make anything better. 


“What the Chesapeake has become is emptier…. It has fewer crabs, oysters and watermen than it did 25 years ago, when government officials first pledged to restore its health.”

“Inside the Fairbank Tackle shop, men stopped in to grab Tastykakes, cigarettes and long rubber gloves. Others sat down on buckets of Castrol Assuron motor oil, talking politics, crabs, tall tales and old lies. It smelled like Vittorio House Blend coffee, like the dog that people feed Slim Jims and, suddenly, like the worst low tide in history.

“What did y’all get into?” somebody asked a fisherman who just walked in, taking a mid-workday break.

“Lot of dead fish.” Mud shad, he said. They were dead when they pulled up the net.”

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