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Alenko Franolic: Fly Fishing & Tying Design

German Fly Fisher and gear designer, Alenko Franolic has some innovative design options for fly reels and fly body components. I enjoy fly reels and definitely resist the urge to acquire them along the way. I like the looks of Franolic’s reels. 

An Alenko Franolic fly reel

Especially appealing are the various sized nymph bodies composed of pliable, elastic tungsten materials. The bodies come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. The nymph bodies are somewhat pliable and take the torque of the tying thread to better bind the materials to the body. 

Alenko Franolic elastic tungsten nymph bodies

I am torn on these types of materials. Innovative, pre-formed components. Tying purists will blanch at the idea of these body parts. I recall a certain shop owner fussing over the intro of bead heads into fly tying in the mid-80’s. But, I just don’t know if it is that bad or blasphemous. Tinsels, flash, iridescence, plastics, molded lead bodies all have infringed on fur, feathers and hair. There’s a place for these material if there is a place for foams, Krystal flash or Zelon. If anyone has used these fly bodies, I would like to hear their critiques.


Pebble Mine Update?

Hot button topic a few years ago. Much angst was generated against the then current administration. It appears that Obama et al (Browner/Salazar/USACE/BLM) are receiving a pass. This recent critique is somewhat tame with ‘apparently” and “maybe”. Pretty tepid. Pretty wimpy. Pretty trusting considering how much they are mucking up everything else. Also, given the Obama monies to PetroBras and the Soros investments in Platinum Group Metals (PMG) too much trust here is not deserved. Oh, please, spare me any Media Matters or HuffPo drivel. The focus on coal mining reforms should not distract from the Bristol Bay threat.

Pool 32 Mag & NatGeo provide  yet another visual and mental reminder that this whole issue of minerals v. fish; risk v. habitat is still there, and it is about time the pass for Obama et al stops!


NatGeo & Bristol Bay Overview


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