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New Business Opportunity…UFO Response Team

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a federally funded operation. I have a ready fleet that has been outfitted to highlight our new mission…A UFO Response Team. Much like the storm trackers you see scurrying about on Mid West back roads, my elite team will scurry about remote sections of the West…cataloging sitings and contacts. When opportunity knocks, I put down the lap top and get off my rear to answer that door! Another side benefit, and I know you already thought of this, is they will be near remote waters affording some fly fishing.     

UFO Response Team Rig; Shop 63 (Portland, Oregon) SwittersB


New Madrid Fault Line & Mississippi Flooding

Awhile back, I posted several times re the New Madrid Fault line because I found it interesting as a geological-seismic-historical event. Then later, I posted a bit re the New Madrid Fault line and the current nuclear reactors in close proximity….wondering about the wisdom, given the events in Japan.

But, in a more grandiose vision, some have a different take on all this in light of recent flooding of the Mississippi River:

“The “once in 500 year” flooding of the Mississippi river over the New Madrid fault line is part of a campaign directed against the American people, according to multiple intelligence agency (MI6, CIA, FSB, Japan Security police) sources. The HAARP caused flooding is expected to be followed by an earthquake and then a “nuclear emergency” involving the 15 nuclear reactors located in the region. This will be a pretext for mass evacuations into FEMA camps, the sources say. The best way to derail this plan, apart from arresting the criminal cabal in Washington D.C., is to widely announce and denounce these plans in advance.”

Foil Paranoia...So To Speak (SwittersB)

Can we all say whackadoodle?


Oregon (NW) Earthquake Zone (Cascadia Subduction Zone)

Apparently, Oregonians are long over due for a major earthquake…the last big one, according to studies, was in January 26, 1700 (I know…don’t ask me). The Cascadia Subduction Zone is the banging culprit.

“The troublesome area, about 50 miles off the coast of Oregon and Washington, is known as the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a 600-mile expanse stretching from Northern California to British Columbia.”

State reports underscore his point, documenting sweeping seismic vulnerabilities. For example:

-More than half of Oregon K-12 schools are at high risk of collapse in a strong quake.

-An estimated 1,000 bridges along Oregon highways may fail in a powerful quake.

-Nearly a dozen coastal communities are within tsunami inundation zones. Some neighborhoods have no easy escape routes to high ground.   Statesman Journal


RESCATE: 33 Chile Miner’s, Phoenix Capsule, 70 Days


Capsule To Save Miners

While we have been inundated with political arrogance, waste, toxic spills and financial collapse an amazing story has continued in Chile. 2000+ feet down, where the miners are nearing rescue. What a story of a much maligned industry, the government, the navy and rescuers coming together to save these miners. Did the stars align? Phoenix Capsule story Can you imagine the emotional~mental spillover once atop? Update 10/13/10


Chilean Mine Accident & NASA (Long Term Stress)

You have, no doubt, heard of the Chilean mining accident with the miners trapped below…likely to be there until the end of the year! Rescuers are coordinating with NASA to understand the mental stressors of long term confinement. The International Space Station has required 6 month confinements of astronauts in spartan conditions. Communications between ground and space teams is instrumental in maintaining mental stability. As it will be between top side rescuers and the trapped miners. We hear of one disaster after another and become a bit numb or we are self focused.


Fly Fishing: Mel Gibson Gone Fishing

“Sources tell us Mel has been out of the country all week fishing with 2 of his sons. We’ve learned Oksana’s laywers tried to schedule Gibson’s deposition — for the ongoing child custody battle — right smack in the middle of his trip. The depo’s been delayed since Mel is unavailable.” TMZ

So, for all you mates out there throwing the long line, watch your back cast in case you hook Mel or a little Melvin.

Sources tell us Mel has been out of the country all week fishing with 2 of his sons. We’ve learned Oksana’s laywers tried to schedule Gibson’s deposition — for the ongoing child custody battle — right smack in the middle of his trip. The depo’s been delayed since Mel is unavailable.

Milka Duno: Less Posing, More Mirrors

Ah Milka Duno, a pity. I had hoped there was someone to take away the limelight from Danica Patrick and be able to race as well. The probationary status for Milka Duno brings into question: is she just a pretty face/hot babe only. Milka use your mirrors! This, of course, just plays into the rep of that obnoxious poser, Danica. Of course, if Milka places worse than Danica and most everyone else….well, then perhaps she is in over her lovely rear end.

“Though her track performances have never materialized, Milka continues to be a top drawing IRL personality, and a driver of ticket sales from fans who seem not to care about her lack of on-track success.    Duno’s corporate sponsorship from Citgo is likely what has kept her in the seat to date, a financial support that Dale Coyne Racing depends on to stay in business.    Though the Indy Car series has consistently ignored the problem in efforts to keep fields full, the lack of progression combined with increased frustration by other drivers have forced officials to take action.”  EXAMINER


Eckman’s Native American Art

Sculptures of Native American scenes made out of paper by Allen and Patty Eckman.These stunningly detailed sculptures may only be made from paper, but they are being snapped up by art fans for tens of thousands of pounds.The intricate creations depict Native American scenes and took up to 11 months to make using a specially formulated paper.Husband and wife team Allen and Patty Eckman put paper pulp into clay molds and pressurize it to remove the water.

The hard, lightweight pieces are then removed and the couple painstakingly add detailed finishings with a wide range of tools.They have been making the creations since 1987 at their home studio, in South Dakota , America , and have racked up a whopping $3 million selling the works of art.

The pieces depict traditional scenes from Native American history of Cherokees hunting and dancing. Allen said:  “We create Indians partly because my great, great grandmother was a Cherokee and my family on both sides admire the native Americans…

I work on the men and animals and Patty does the women and children” explains Allen.Allen explained their technique: “It should not be confused with paper Mache.  The two mediums are completely different.  I call what we do ‘cast paper sculpture’.””Some of them we create are life size and some we scale down to 1/6 life size.


Odd Happenings: Chupacabra Sighting~Texas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So, what is this new alien critter, the chupacabra? Where do these mutant creatures come from? First Montauk and for the past few years the Chupacabra. So, where does a DNA marker come from to compare to the new critter; to a ‘chupacabra’? So, where do these inbred critters originate from? Some backwoods carny worker’s dumped spawn  from the Bayou? Could be just some inbred chihuahua  with a albino rat dog on steroids. No offense to backwoods carny workers from the Bayou.


Infinity Pool: High Dive Singapore Style

The biggest pool at that height: 3 x longer than an Olympic Pool, 55 stories up. My luck it would be raining or socked in at the 30th floor. The Infinity Pool  Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Infinity Pool, Singapore

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