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Tweaking the Tangles & Piles

I took two separate piles of stuff and tweaked their image to create something fanciful or tangled…at least to my eye. 

jumble-tangled-SwittersB-ArtEarlier this week, I shared the first tweaked image, a mysterious Cosmos exploration.

Art-Photogaphy-Cosmos-Creative-SwittersBThe ‘inspiration’  for the tweaked images came from my renovation site. One a pile of painter’s debris left behind and the other, the painter’s equipment seemingly forgotten on my kitchen floor. Tweaking the image until something resonated with me…my imagination.

tweaked piles-photography-SwittersB


Art~Perception: Painter in Trouble

“Artists don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Bob Ross

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” Ansel Adams

“Art is what you can get away with.” Andy Warhol

My creation just below. A frenzied little piece that just so happens to incorporate the Painter in Trouble.


The above image was derived from the below image which nicely shows the drops, drips, blotches of paint atop vintage grout. Some how the ‘painter’ failed to notice this trail and of course as seems the norm with many ‘craftsmen’ this day in age, they failed to clean it up leaving it for me. Hence the Painter in Trouble. I just had some creative fun with it all.

photography-fireplace-tile front-paint splatters-SwittersB


Perceptions of a Fruit Label: Roman Nose

old face sbI came upon this old wooden, fruit box with a label peeling off the side. I saw a face of sorts, a Roman profile. 

Roman Nose1So, I had some creative fun tweaking that nose a bit.

Roman Nose SB

Roman Nose4
Roman Nose3


Photography: Creative Vacancy…..

How do you plan your photographic exploits? For me, usually, it has centered around two ‘plans’: a vacation/outing that is going to provide some opportunities and haphazard driving around town and seeing an opportunity. One is planned around the trip and the other is random and maybe I have my camera along.

As of tomorrow, I will be gainfully unemployed (‘retired’). So, some time slots in my daily routine are opening up. I have a yearning to plan more and not just where I am going, but maybe on what I would like to start looking for to photograph. The surprise opportunity is nice. But, what am I missing by not giving a little more thought to the where and what of it all?

Vacancy FF Collage swittersb

Urban decay, rural, old, worn, natural, contrasts, angles, rock formations, clouds, color, black & white, trees, flowers, rust, steel, decay, the what, when, why, how, where of it all (history). I notice I am not drawn often to new lines, urban construction & growth and shiny.  Some planning is in order to take me there and then let my imagination and eye collect the possibilities. Oh, I think I will also have an opportunity to throw a line more often too!


Zoom…Zoom (The Cat’s Eye)

I don’t want to wear out Penny’s welcome, but I wanted to share this silly thing I noticed. Here are three versions of the one shot..the original, a cropped version and a zoom in shot to her right eye. Notice the reflection’s content. No biggy, just found it interesting….a mirror of sorts.

The white items are stacks of mail. I was several feet away from Penny when I snapped the shot. She had just licked her right paw and was lowering it while looking toward me. I stood just beyond the mail. Just my own curiosity here…nothing profound.

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