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Photography: Festive Fly

This small copper bead head pupa pattern (Size 16) almost looks festive for the holidays. A dubbing brush that incorporates those dazzle colors of the spectrum and the Starling wing are wound behind the bead head. A fast sinking pattern for dredging through the riffles and rapids to entice a quick hit. The macro lens shows the simplicity of the pattern.

Copper Beaded Fuzz

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Fly Tying: Starling and Pheasant Caddis Pupa

Starling n Pheasant PupaPattern/Recipe: Size 16 nymph hook, Size 8/0 olive thread, 3/32 brass bead, olive rabbit dubbing for abdomen and thorax tapered, pheasant tail barb tips for antenna, 1-2 turns of Starling hackle for wing and small amount of dubbing around thread wrap area behind bead head.

SwittersB Bead Chart


Fly Tying: Simple BH Caddis Pupa

This is a very simple Bead Head (BH) Caddis Pupa pattern to tie and quite effective tumbled through a riffle. It has had some success on lakes, but less so. The green sparkle braid gives a nice translucent look to the abdomen. I have used the bright green and the tan with good success. A small piece of braid tied in and burned off at the end…a small noodle of dubbing spun onto the thread and then wrapped one to two times behind a tungsten bead. The hook this time is a size 16 curved shank pupa hook. This is a perfect beginner’s pattern for Caddis Pupa. 

Green Pupa Sparkle braid SB


Fly Tying Tradition: Simple Lil’ Pupa’s

This is my rationalization and I’m sticking to it: each Winter as I begin to work back into tying (I’m a foul weather tier), I seem to gravitate to an easy to tie, pleasant to tie Pupa/Wet type pattern. The pattern usually incorporates a the ubiquitous bead, a dubbed thorax, a simple abdomen and that pleasing pupa, curved shank hook (16-18). Couple the ease in tying with the proven success that they never fail to catch fish and I just return to them. A little nagging voice persists at some point that I really should perfect those dry flies. But, I don’t hear that voice now so off I go into Bead Head Pupa land!

Red Bead Z tag SB

Click Pics Twice

Green Bead Tag 16 SBCopper Bead Tag 18 SB


Fly Tying: Wired for Depth

A Bead Head Pupa pattern. I used two different colored pieces of copper wiring wrapped over the simple thread body. Contrast, segmentation and weight. The busy hackle and thorax materials (Ice Dub, ostrich and partridge) add to the suggestion of life.

An even simpler fly, equally dense to quickly sink. Copper wire tied in at the front of the shank and closely wrapped toward the end then used to rib forward over the wire abdomen. The dubbing ball for the thorax hides the tie in point for the copper wire.


Fly Fishing: Suspended Midge Pupa

I so rarely use a floating line on a lake. So, when the surface activity is there…out it comes. The fish were working in two to six feet of water, cruising about for emerging Chironomids. Big tails and dorsals swirled inches above the surface. A size 16 pupa pattern was suspended a few inches below the surface ( ‘greased’ the leader/tippet to within 6″ of the fly with floatant).


Bead Head Nymph Pattern (‘Lurefil MF Nymph’ another gem from Lucian Vasies)

Vasies Pupa Pattern~Tutorial

Vasies Pupa Pattern~Tutorial

Lucian Vasies & Mihai Vasilescu, 04 Feb 2009

Lucian Vasies & Mihai Vasilescu, 04 Feb 2009

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