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Stocking the ‘put and take’ trout in remote lakes

I am not even sure anymore of all the methods used to put hatchery trout into lakes. I do see the occasional tanker truck back up to a boat ramp and shoot out hundreds of assorted sized fish. I recall seeing a plane bomb a lake in the Wallowa’s Eagle Cap Wilderness almost 40 years ago with brook trout. And, I know a man that use to pull a string of pack mules into Cascade lakes in the 50’s with tin containers of small trout. These methods for putting in hatchery trout are still used in parts of the country. But, given the economic times and fuel costs (helicopters/planes/tankers), I know there is an old fashioned way being used these days.

A friend and supporter of SwittersB is participating in a ‘backpack the fish in’ exercise in Oregon this weekend. An old, large compartment framed pack is called for. From there an ODFW worker inserts a durable plastic container and the fish and enough water are introduced to the pack’s compartment to sustain the fish. A 6 mile hike into a nearby lake is the target. Stout legs going in and a light load coming out. What could be better. Check your local fishery programs for similar outings where the put ‘n take trout are stocked and not adversely effecting native species through escapement. 

Here is an except from the Eugene Register Guard in July, 2010 about the program: “About 150 other volunteers did the same, keeping up a nearly 30-year tradition of volunteers — usually the anglers themselves — stocking the high lakes they love, or at least the lakes they’ve always wanted see.

It began at 9 a.m. on July 17 at Oakridge’s fish hatchery, which sits just off Salmon Creek, near the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. First Roberts and Gore met Erik Moberly, the ODFW employee in his fourth year as head organizer for the volunteer stocking event, which runs every other year, with lakes being stocked by helicopter in the off years.”


Trout in the Alpine Lakes of Washington (the thinking about management)

Hidden L., N. Cascades~

Hidden L., N. Cascades~


This is an interesting site because it explains the scope of stocking in North Cascades alpine lakes (and elsewhere) as well as the management philosophy behind ‘put and take’ programs. Numbers are not the priority. A balance  between fish, salamanders and nymphs appears to be the focus…this maintains food for the fish, avoids stunted ‘anorexic’ growth and a good fishing experience. Not sure I care about the ‘experience the habitat’ before man intro’d the fish bit, but stocking fish into previously empty lakes is a recent phenomenon. What is also interesting is the number of unstocked lakes…I hope those are highlighted in synopses for hikers: “This is a pristine lake, as it was centuries ago, untouched by fins.”

“The North Cascades National Park commissioned a scientific study to determine the effects of fish on the natural biota of mountain lakes, such as insects and amphibians. This study was done by William Liss, Gary Larson, and Robert Hoffman. Their results show that high densities of fish, which are basically lakes that have reproducing fish, have a negative effect on the balance of the natural biota in a lake. In contrast, they could find no measurable differences in the biota between lakes that have low densities of fish and those that have never had any fish. In other words, modest numbers of non-reproducing fish have little or no effect on the biota. For this reason, the Hi-Lakers support the present policy of the WDFW to stock low densities of fish in all mountain lakes.”

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