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Season’s End?: Recap the Forgottens

With the best of intentions last Winter, I tied up these Quill bodied, Parachute Emergers (about a dozen) and then put them in a little tin box and set them aside. Today, while sorting through my fly boxes, I found the little tin box beneath some bags of fly tying materials. 

Now fishing has been scarce of late. But, what was my plan for this little gem? Did I just tie to practice using quills or contending with that parachute post and wound hackle? I usually tie more for a purpose and less to perfect techniques. If I was to again teach fly tying, I would be perfecting some techniques that I have let languish. 

So, on closer inspection of this little gem…I really had no plan for it. I just tied up some and promptly tucked them away into lonely fly pattern oblivion.

A strategy, a plan, an awareness of why you tie certain patterns and when they would be of use helps one grow as a fly fisher chasing trout or whatever species. As Summer draws to an end, I will do some lake fishing, chase some Silvers, Late Summer Steelhead, trout feeding on eggs below Chinook redds and I seriously doubt the little gem above will be used for any trout fishing until next year. So now might be a good time to research what I had in mind for this fly back last Winter when I tied them. Then I should put them in fly boxes that make them visible and viable. Better planning and management of fly boxes. What can be so hard managing a gazillion flies?


Fly Tying: The Black Quill by Mochaboy » Blog Archive » Tying the Black Quill.

Several nice patterns here by Mochaboy, who I found over on the Catskill Flies Forum & a few nice photo’s here too.


Fly Tying: BWO Experiments (Not Quite…)

I am avoiding the upright wings of split hackle tips or mallard barbs. I am aware the silhouette of upright wings is often called for. Also, this was slightly lower grade cock hackle…not quite stiff enough. So, still happy with the wrapped abdomen of peacock herl quill. The tail also, needs stiffer barbs or fibbets. Almost there. Well, at least for my undisciplined self.


Small Fly Funk & Peccary Quill Body~Quill Preparation

(Peccary Bodied Fly)

I want to again highlight Pecarry-Javelina quills for the body of fly patterns. I like the variegated body. Attached is a link to a UK how to post. Also, check out Small Fly Funk for additional nice patterns of the small variety.

Peccary Quill Body (Once and Away~Danica)

Preparing Quills

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