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Tour de France, 2014

My yearly, obligatory “I love the Tour de France.” I rarely ride a bike. I certainly never raced with a bike. But, as I say each year, the scenery of the various historical structures adjacent to the race course are spectacular. Too, after many years of watching the race, the commentators are a known factor and I enjoy them as well. Today, Stage 14, is from Grenoble to Risoul. My favorite stages of the tour are the mountain climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees. The final climb today is 19 miles up. The congregations of insane spectators the insanely tired riders must navigate is always a rewarding viewing of human kind at a sporting event….crazy! This years race has been brutal with many of the top contenders wiped out via crashes, but still it holds my attention as new stars emerge. It takes a while to understand the individual/team strategies, otherwise it just looks like a large group of riders.

tour de france-televised-Switters



Chevrolet…Did You Know?

Geeze, I am really opening myself up here. But, my mind…free flowing at 4:45am this morning. Daylight savings time robbing me of deep sleep. My mind flitting about as I try to go back under before the dogs and cat commence begging.

My mind settles, for inexplicable reasons, on Coupe. A car. A coupe. Coupe? Is that French? Coupe de Ville? More French. DeSoto? That’s got to be Spanish. Chevrolet…hmm? French again? How did those names originate I wonder? The cat leaps upon my twitching toes…I am awake! I said it was free flowing. 

The 1916 Chevrolet logo

Ok, Louis-Joseph Chevrolet was not particularly French, but Swiss is close enough.

Louis-Joseph Chevrolet



Formula 1/Indy’s Token Cuteness? (Hot But Fiercely Competitive)

Maybe it is a anomaly, perhaps not, but how can the 3 qualifiers of the female genre look so hot and have nerves of steel……they have thus far proven themselves…a credit to Lyn St. James.

Milka Duno

Milka Duno

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick


Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher (Married And More Sensible)

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