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Time to Saddle Up?

SwittersB’s 3,000th Post!


Photography: Best Reinvent This Wheel


Ranch Life: What does this mean?

I came across these two poles some fifteen feet or more in the air with strands of barbed wire strung across the from pole to pole and wedged in between the strands of wire was a large bone (femur?). Now I have no idea what that signifies. Maybe nothing but good humor or something more obvious to those that are around the ranch life. I took a photograph and planned to research the meaning. I have come up with zip, zero, nada.

Maybe it is a good luck gesture…or to ward off bad juju gesture…or a sign of the cattle and ranch life…or some one has a big appetite. Maybe someday some one will comment here and let us know. Probably obvious, but not to me.

OK: Update….I contacted some land owners near this interesting landmark and received this explanation for the large bone suspended between posts on barbed wire: some time ago the owners of the land placed the large bone up above as a humorous item to promote conversation and suggest the cattle rancher’s life out West. So, kind of artistic and tongue in cheek.


Saddles: No Wonder Their Rear End Hurts

Here again, I see but don’t really look. I have little understanding of what’s in a saddle’s makeup or the variety of saddles for various needs. I saw this old saddle and took a photo. Is this really the internal workings of a saddle? This is the beauty of travel and photography…to observe and learn. Observations beg more research and study. And, I am happy my skinny ass isn’t bouncing on that saddle and my knees banging into that “undercut swell”…yep, I did some research. 



Moonlit Gates

Photography is gratifying in the anticipation, the preparation and developing an eye for what satisfies. I am a total novice in knowing my camera’s settings, understanding how to capture certain shots in their entirety (depth of field) or stopping to take certain shots rather than driving on by….too much of a hurry.

It is a lot like the planning, preparation, presentation of fly fishing. When it all comes together you know it. I hope to get to that point with a camera. I see shots but the other pieces of the equation are not there, so the shot does not come to life.

This shot is satisfying to me. Taken along a back road as it grew dark. My wife and I had just stopped fishing. Gear was loaded in the dark. It was chilly and the day had been so so fishing wise. It was a satisfying day, but not quite. Then I came around a corner and there was this setting. It resonated with me and I hopped out camera in hand. I had enough presence to adjust the ISO, to hold steady without a tripod, and to take it…headlights and all. Simple,  rustic, quiet. Skyfall Video


Tying Your Horse Up

Tying your horse up to a rail or post (c/o TBN Ranch & Amy Elizabeth) Well, I have a lasting fascination with tying knots probably from boy scouts, camping, the military and some boat handling. But, the ranch life holds that same fascination and I, with a broad based farming heritage, know little if anything about that life. Many years ago, I was over out of Dayville, Oregon ‘helping’ (in the way) as cattle were branded in a chute. That week also involved ‘helping’ again as calves were pulled on a ranch out of Prairie City. That week reinforced that this ‘flat lander’ (a term reserved for rubes from the Willamette Valley urban areas) knew zero about the ranch life. The folks over there were very patient and considerate…thank you!

Ranch in Central Oregon (SwittersB)



Ranch Life: Hot Rod Cowgirl @ The Juniper T Ranch

The Hot Rod Cowgirl of the Juniper T Ranch in Oregon receives all those special awards for Sweetness and Specialness and it is evident she deserves them. I enjoyed and I am sure you will to her blog  Hot Rod Cowgirl 

Family, traditions, heritage and obvious hard work. What’s not to like. Check out her awards, her blog and the sites she pointed to in passing on the love.


Juniper T Brand


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