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“To dare every day to be irreverent and bold. To dare to preserve the randomness of mind which in children produces strange and wonderful new thoughts and forms. To continually scramble the familiar and bring the old into new juxtaposition.”  Gordon Webber

Maybe Gordon did this tile work?



Random Takes Today………

I was coming out of hardware store, hands full when I heard the distinct sound of a military jet. I looked up to see one banking hard in the area…a totally never seen maneuver near the Portland Airport and into the air space of approaching passenger jets. Coming on fast was another fighter jet. I fumbled about for my cell phone and juggled sandpaper, plumbing supplies and a bird feeder while swiping the screen to get to the camera. I raised the camera and just attempted to follow along and snap away.

banking jet--photography-SwittersB-Portland

Later, I was cutting through a neighborhood to avoid the main street congestion during rush hour. There in front of a row of vacant lots and overgrown yards was a single plastic chair on the curbing. Not near a bus stop or house. Again the cell phone.

rest stop-photography-chair-curbing-Portland-SwittersBOnce back home and putzing around in the garden, I had my nose turned downward toiling away. I noticed the sun was getting lower toward the horizon and then I noticed the trellis and clematis casting an intense shadow from the bright sunlight and I again grabbed the old iPhone.

trellis-shadows-clematis-sunset-SwittersBRandom, routine, diverse moments.


Geese in Passing…….

What a beautiful Easter Day. Mid 60’s, no breeze, just pleasant sunshine and a touch of warmth. As I was standing outside, I heard the geese honking, coming toward me, low and slow. I had my phone in my hand, camera activated by chance, for something else, and the geese swooped toward me. As I raised the phone for a quick snap they banked away. I didn’t check then, as I recall thinking…’too fast, no chance’.

photography-geese formation-nature-SwittersBTurned out nicely given the moment, setting, movement and device.


Photography: Random Misfits…..Almost~Not Quite

greenie shoulder SB

Old Flowers B

corner old cabin SB

old siding SB

Pupa Thick Wire SB

Photography-Misfits-Random-Images-Nature-Rustic-Outdoors-Almost, But Not Quite Right


Random: Just Because…………….

A random selection of images that I must have thought ‘just because’.

Friendly Ranch Dog

Friendly Ranch Dog

Hard Hat

Pending Safety Violation

Dirty Work

Dirty Work


Uninviting to some

Forgotten Layers

Forgotten Layers


Rock: 1 v. Rig: 0 (Rock Hits Rig)

After a nearly perfect day of fly fishing, I was departing the lake, driving along a narrow road, bordered on one side by a very steep bank down to the lake and on the other side by a steep embankment. I was enjoying the last glimpses of the lake on my left. I turned to the right to see a rather large rock/boulder careening down the embankment. I tried to accelerate. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.

Regardless the rock smacked into my right, rear quarter panel and did what big rocks do best to cars. I am thankful it didn’t come in slightly higher at the window level.

The Rig After Impact ~SwittersB~


New Business Opportunity…UFO Response Team

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a federally funded operation. I have a ready fleet that has been outfitted to highlight our new mission…A UFO Response Team. Much like the storm trackers you see scurrying about on Mid West back roads, my elite team will scurry about remote sections of the West…cataloging sitings and contacts. When opportunity knocks, I put down the lap top and get off my rear to answer that door! Another side benefit, and I know you already thought of this, is they will be near remote waters affording some fly fishing.     

UFO Response Team Rig; Shop 63 (Portland, Oregon) SwittersB

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