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Memories: Images etched in part…..

Images/photos, of life events, are obviously wonderful to gaze upon and attempt to recall the moments of life. The sounds, the feelings, the actions, the temperature, the sense of self can be recalled from an image.


I can look at the above photo from a few years ago and recall the time of day, the hatch, the rises, the misses, the take, the fight, the colors of the trout and the release. I see it all and it is a nice memory on a warm, calm, Summer morning…enhanced even more by the image before me.


Dream of the Fisherman by Ray Troll

But, on another level, etched into your memory, is the one (the fish in this instance) that got away (this could be a missed photo op too). The moment probably only lasted a short time, not even minutes, but seconds. There was a connection, a feel of something powerful, large, beautiful that you glimpsed and then it was gone. The thrash, splash, slash, flash and gone. I have several moments like that I have carried with me for years (Kilchis River, Crooked River, Deschutes River, Salmon L. (B.C.), East Lake (Oregon), …) I can see and hear and feel them as clearly as they were as much as twenty some years ago. 

Any River SwittersBLife is like that. Memories that are snippets and etched moments that move through our mind’s eye like a kaleidoscope of wonderful experiences. Photos obviously help, but the short, lost encounters are equally important even if no clear reminders are held in our hands. In that blur of recollections are visions that please and are enough.

--BW JTNP SwittersB

“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.” 
~J.M. Barrie~


Recall Contaminated Diamond & Kirkland Pet Foods (Kibble + Salmonella)

Check your pantry, food bin or tubs for certain types of dog or cat kibble that may be contaminated with salmonella. A little over a dozen people have fallen ill in nine states so far. The products under recall are produced by Diamond Pet Foods. Most notable are Kirkland (C0stco) pet foods made by Diamond Pet Foods.

“So how exactly did the salmonella jump from dog-food bowls to the unfortunate folks who came down with the strain? The CDC is still tracking the outbreak, but said there could be a handful of explanations: people touching the dog food, then their own food; contact with bowls or utensils used to serve the dog food that weren’t cleaned properly afterwards; and that old standby, a canine carrier licking their faces.

How to prevent it in your home? Washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with hot soapy water is the best way to fend off any illness. Also wash your hands before and after contact with pet food, including treats; after petting or handling pets (and especially their poop); before preparing your own meals, and before eating them. Children are less able to fight off food-borne illness, so don’t let them near the pet food bowls, and keep an eye on those photogenic dog kisses, which could spread disease as well.

In this case, the easiest preventive measure you can take is checking your pantry for suspect kibble, and getting rid of any recalled brands pronto, then cleaning the surfaces and storage containers it had contact with.” (source)

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