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Cookie Recipe: Chocolate Chip Around a Peanut Butter Cup!!!

peanutbuttercupstuffedchocolatechipcookie1-512x768Found this mouth watering morsel at The Kitchen Magpie by Karlynn Johnston. Great step-by-step for this cookie. I love the chocolate and peanut butter combo.


Elise Bauer’s Sesame Brittle Recipe


Cooking: Leaf Lard…Did You Know?

Being a clueless city boy re rural life, I had never heard of ‘leaf lard’. Years ago, I recall a muggy, humid Summer visiting in Wisconsin as my grandmother rendered lard. It seemed to be a putrid operation. Years later, I had occasion to visit a ‘rendering plant’ and found myself wanting to…well never mind. In other words, I really know nothing about lard except it is supposedly unhealthy and a thing of the past.

So, I took the above photo of the old can in an old cabin. Then I noticed leaf lard on the can. That resulted in a little home work and for you city slickers and cooking/foodies here is a little information that might interest you.  

“Today, most Americans would sooner smoke unfiltered Camels while riding a motorcycle without a helmet than eat lard.” (more about lard)

“Leaf lard is the highest grade of lard (lard is pork fat, the term is usually used to refer to rendered pork fat suitable for cooking). It comes from the visceralmdash;or “soft”—fat from around the kidneys and loin of the pig. It lacks any real pork or meaty flavor, making it an excellent neutral-flavored cooking fat with a high smoking point. Leaf lard is particularly prized by bakers for use in producing moist, flaky pie crusts.”   (Baking With Leaf Lard)


Kalyn’s Pot Roast (That Time of Year)


As the weather turns slightly cooler in the Pacific N.W. that hearty comfort food comes to mind…meat!…so, a Pot Roast sounds quite fortifying! Check out Kalyn’s Recipe; Thanks also to MHF at Great Poetry for pointing the way too @ the Goddess of Pot Roast. OK, admit it, just the mention of Pot Roast four times has your mouth watering.



Banana & Oatmeal Cookies..Yum!!

Shelley over at Peak Perspective shares her sweet recipe for Banana & Oatmeal cookies. She seems to have a thing about Whisky too. She is also an excellent writer. Check it out. More than a great cookie recipe here.

“I live on top of a small mountain on the edge of the Blue Ridge in Virginia with my English husband, who grows exponentially more British with each passing day as he attempts to reclaim the colonies and become King of America. We have two children, who are far less fond of us than we are of them, but I’m fairly certain (and hopeful) that this is strictly teenage territory.”


Food Love: Heirloom Tomatoes sliced with Basil and ……


More Than Burnt Toast Recipe

This the time of year when the gardens are bursting with results, particularly tomatoes. I didn’t put in a garden this year, although I may well next year…a small one. Tomatoes, big tomatoes, will be at the top of the list of plantings. This recipe from More Than Burnt Toast for Layered Tomatoes looks quite tasty. Basil, olive oil, tomatoes, feta. Wow! Refreshing this time of year. A little wine, some good bread to sop up the oils…



Food: Deep Fried Pickles?

Came across this interesting recipe at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. I have had a hankering of late for those gems that go so well with beer: deep fried this and that or those salty asparagus spears wrapped in bacon I profiled a ways back. So deep fried pickles might be oh so good in that ranch sauce.

Deep Fried Pickles at Sweet Pea's Kitchen

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