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Oregon Cemeteries Research Tool

Headstones 1 SBAlong the way, I have posted re cemeteries we come across either around town or while on the road. There is a historical draw to these sites that often combine with visuals and stories to move the imagination. 

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A few years ago, I became aware of a very old, unmarked cemetery West of Portland. I have wanted to find historical data on this small, overgrown plot of land, but alas I can’t seem to find anything. Yesterday, I came upon a very informative resource that purportedly lists all known cemeteries/burial plots in Oregon (excepting private pioneer burials I am sure). Still the list does not contain the cemetery I am researching, but it certainly has many others that beg additional research and exploration into history. Travel, photography and writing are inspired by cemeteries….particularly pioneer cemeteries.

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Photography: Just A Number & Questions………

I have remarked before about my ‘enjoyment’ of walking around older ‘pioneer’ cemeteries. So many questions arise as I study the markers of graves. The obvious questions of why’s, how’s, what’s are usually paired with the who and when on the marker.

ella by Swittersb

However, sometimes the marker is more challenging of the mind. The Who and When are not there. Below, the marker at Fredericksburg National Cemetery provides a very telling number ’11’…the number of unidentified soldiers’ remains buried beneath the marker.

Below, I found this marker for ’45’ next to a tree in a back corner of a pioneer cemetery. Again, the who and when are missing and the how, why, what remain equally missing. I find these types of markers provocative of emotions. Thank goodness most of us will not go unknown, unidentified, alone in the end. For those that do, perhaps someone will stand, looking down upon them and wonder.

45 SwittersB Photograph


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