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Nothing to the Imagination……

Rather than presenting the image with no explanation and leaving it to your imagination re what the image is, I decided to explain each image. Yesterday afternoon, the sun high, I visited an old restoration/recycle company. In back, near a loading dock, they store all manner of metal pieces for creative renovations or industrial art. The shadows were crisp, the pieces rusted and ordinary, save a few. So, I took a few shots and here they are. Some are obvious and some would have been good ‘I wonder what that is?’ moments. The back loading dock had all manner of objects that are unique, decorative pieces.

coil-black and white-photography-steel-SwittersB

A very heavy duty spring

coil spring-shopping cart-photography-SwittersB

The top of that heavy duty spring looking down onto a steel grid.

cut steel top-table top-hole-photography-SwittersB

A steel plate with a square cutout on top. The sunlight is seen penetrating below.


The shadow of an old metal shelf lays over the top of a lid to some container beneath.

water can spout-photography-SwittersB

A galvanized watering can spout.

old iron wheel-spokes-shadows-photography-SwittersB

A heavy duty, iron wagon wheel’s hub and spokes on a cement deck

old metal grid bin-photography-SwittersB

Large metal bin for recycled materials on a concrete deck.

garden gate ornament-photography-SwittersB

Lastly, the ornamentation on an old garden gate.


Cracked Pots: Artists Recycling or Reusing

As I sit watching the freezing rain accumulate outside on the just budding tree branches, I am reminded that not everyone is drawn toward nature. There are those that are not attuned to nature’s cycles beyond weather’s intrusions into their routines. Most of you (I know this by your words, images and pursuits) are definitely attuned to nature for the vitality and life it gives you. Outdoor pursuits on every level keep us physically and mentally in harmony. 

Photography-Yard Art-Gardening-Portland-SwittersBOne of my enjoyable outdoor pursuits is gardening. No it is not an extreme sport for sure, although it often feels like it long about April in the back of my legs and lower back after a day of working in the yard. Again, part of the process of renewal and health. Recently, my wife and I attended a yard/garden show in Portland. It was replete with all the fancier amenities of a well turned out yard (stone work, brick work, outdoor kitchens, spacious timber canopies etc.

But, there was also an ‘artist’ section under the heading of Cracked Pots. In one area of the complex, there were the booths displaying yard art, jewelry, large metal scupltures created from trash or recovered trash. One artist after another had imaginative creations gleaned from scrap heaps, dumpsters, garbage etc. that was all destined for landfills, vacant lots or roadside ditches in the Portland area. The artists were enthusiastic and their works were very appealing, nicely priced and quite worthy of a place in someone’s yard or garden.



Photographic Study In Repurposing & Humor

Matt & Box

matt box 2


Repurposed Matt & Box: Wet Generosity

Perhaps you recall, in late January, I highlighted the repurposing of furniture in my fine city (Portlandia). A few weeks back, I captured a perfect example with a mattress leaning up against a street sign near my work. It stayed out in the pouring rain for several days until one morning I saw it slumped down in a pile and later that day gone. Where did it go? Taken for actual use or deemed visual abuse and gathered up dumped? I snapped a pic, but seem to have lost it. 

Imagine my surprise, when a couple days ago I came upon a generous offering not two blocks from my work. Seriously, people in this neighborhood really like to repurpose all manner of property.

Box SBLike magic, these repurposed gems just appear at first light. I don’t think I have ever seen any repurposer (my word…you can use it) actually repurposing (yes, you can use it) in broad daylight. It must be a night time thing. So, after a torrential downpour, typical of early Spring in Portland, the matt & box was still there the next day. So, one wonders how does one take such a generosity and sleep upon it?

“The moist and damp effect triggers the development of mold and mildew. These dreaded end products give off foul odors and often intensify respiratory problems. Neglecting the wetness of your mattresses can pose as a looming threat to your every day sleep. Your bed will soon transform into a breeding ground for thousands of hazardous bacteria.”

No this is not a job for a hair dryer or fan set on high speed. There is no 90 degree days looming anytime soon in this neck of damp woods. Hmmm, I wonder if there could be a better way to deposit such items so they actual could benefit a person need?

Perhaps the generous repurposer, no doubt full of typical great intentions, ala Portlandia, could figure out how to donate such items or transport them at least to a tent city (there are several in Portland) or at least deposit them under some shelter like a freeway overpass (there is a large collection of folks down underneath the I-84/I-5 interchange (note all the tarps, shopping carts and pallets that could at least temporarily use these items until rousted out. Then the city would be disposed to recycle your offering to the appropriate landfill. I mean if you are going to dump them (oops, repurpose them) anyway, make them count!

Homeless camp

Repurposers: Please note the Red X …work your way down underneath into that vicinity beneath the overpasses and donate reasonable items to the several dozen folks that have camped out down in there. Of course, be careful. They may or may not appreciate your good intentions.


Dirty Little Oversight: Mountaineering Garbage

I noticed the ever eco focused Patagonia’s Common Threads campaign is pushing less consumption with an eye on fixing, reusing, recycling…the austerity model for hard times and because our poor planet is just awash in stuff. I can see nothing wrong with this approach given I have been spending a major part of my life cleaning up two hoarding homes for women that had to have it all and then some.

But, let me venture into this feel good space to say how damn righteous coming from someone like Rick Ridgeway of Patagonia and Yvon Chouinard that have no doubt littered the sides of many pristine mountain sides and walked away, not looking back on all the crap they left behind. Nothing strikes me as more pretentious and spoiled than mountaineers, whom leave tonnage of crap behind for their own vain glory of waving a flag atop a pinnacle of ice. Such arrogance. REI, Patagonia and Kelty et al ought to be spending a bunch to finance the cleanup of of all the mountain chains and trekking paths they have devoted years to promoting the assault and the feel good scarifications.

Wang Yong Han’s Clean Mountain Initiative

Sherpa Guide to Launch Clean Up of Climber’s Crap 

You have brains in your head,

you have feet in your shoes,

you can steer yourself any direction you choose.

–Dr. Seuss



Recycling Those Hard Come By Waders

Just what do you do with those waders that won’t be patched any longer?

Our mission is to recycle and repurpose as many pairs of damaged breathable waders as possible. Why? As lifelong anglers we have witnessed changes in our environment as a result of our choices. As anglers we also feel a responsibility to help reduce our environmental impact.” Also….. and for those not quite there, but close

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