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Fly Line Management (Avoid Protruding Objects)


It is important to manage your fly line when casting especially in windy conditions. Stepping on the line or pulling on the line to remove it from sticking points can crease or cut the coating on the line. Pay particular attention to not crimping your line when changing spools. The line can become momentarily wedged between the spool and the reel frame and damage the coating. Closing the line in a sharp edged fly box happens to me. I have had an amazing Kamloops torpedo stip our line so fast and once the line went taught the intermediate line snapped and stripped up through the guides in a heart beat. There went the fish and there went half my fly line. I had at some point cut deeply into the coating and apparently the core. Now in the above situation, I think the angler is assured of no damage to the line.    

Photo by Denver Bryan (Images on the Wildside)


Streamside Discoveries

As the weather begins to warm and the constant grey skies give way to a little bit of blue, I am reminded of the enjoyment of fishing in nice weather. I am excited to venture forth and encounter all that a flyfishing adventure has to offer: the beauty, the mystery and the challenges of solving the puzzles that fishing presents us. Further, I want to take the opportunity to explain the benefits of de-barbing hooks (I should do it as I tie, but have always fussed about on the water) to some unfortuante flyfisher that has hooked their clothing.

I fish year round, so not much of a setting forth to a new season moment for me really…just shedding layers and less stumbling about in a cold stupor.  I hate being cold…really hate it. I have great gear but regardless my shoulders just want to be cold no matter what I wear. Soon, I will not have to contend with that..until a cold morning on some high lake in September.  Don’t you like red? I do. 


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