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the flow of life…

low water, heavy rains, melting snow, rising waters, rapids, boulders, flooding, fast currents, smooth waters, dropping levels, ups and downs, burbling, roaring, dancing, pounding, lapping, grinding, the flow of rivers and life

slow flow-river-Oregon

The peaceful Fall pace of the river. Then, one wanted more water, more cover for the fish.

river-rapids-low sun-Oregon-SwittersB
rapids-river-off color-SwittersB-Oregon~

I ventured down to the Oregon Coast to fly fish a coastal river for Winter Steelhead. The river had come up the day before several feet and was expected to drop and clear. The prevailing theory of optimism is the high water entices the sea run trout to push up river and then hold in a stretch as the water drops. The water did drop ever so slightly and the color never made it too that ideal ‘steelhead green’. The off-color, brownish, tea color and the heavy currents made for difficult presentations. The pockets and slots had disappeared on most of the river. 

river-surface-busy water-Oregon-SwittersB

One spot beckoned as the river widened out and the surface turmoil was reduced to a chattering, busy swirl of surface disturbances. Picture the water flowing away from you but at the same time there is a horizontal back and forth of movement across the top…

Many casts and mends waiting for the tug, the pause in the line, some sign of a silver rocket on the other end. Not this time. All beautiful and soothing to the mind. Like a soothing mental bath that eases the mind, but does not dampen the senses.


Change & Renewal

It is often said by wise ones, that the one true constant is change. The Fall season is a delight on the front end, but less so on the back end. For most, the gardens are put to rest. The colder temps and rain/wind have scoured most of the trees of their leaves (although as I look out my window I notice my neighbor has tall trees that have yet to lose their leaves…the winds will eventually blow them my direction in December!). The beautiful images of Fall are less clear now. The rivers will rise and cleanse the banks of the maple leaves that fluttered down. Cleansing will happen, hopefully without too much damage and renewal will be waiting beneath that somber Winter blanket. That almost sounded poetic didn’t it?



At one with……..

The river gets into my being
As I sit here alone in the dawn
It’s wonderful, beautiful feeling
I feel like I’m being reborn
Oh what a sweet combination
All this morning, and nature, and me
I’m in love on this wonderful morning
Just me and this sweet mystery.

Peter Duggan, Oh, what a feeling in me



Could Wolves Be Good? Yellowstone Wolves

Wolves Change the Course of Rivers

Very interesting, short video on the impact, the reputed good impact, of reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone. Watch the video re the symbiotic relationship within nature once wolves were placed back after a long absence.


River Gages: Become Familiar With One Near You

Photo-Image-NOAA Gage Stations-NW USA-SwittersB

NOAA Gage Stations in Pacific NW

Whether you are planning a float trip, a fishing guide, a kayaker, a bank bound fisherman or a property owner monitoring a rising river, a river gage is an important piece of information. It may be a large measuring stick affixed to a bridge support that measures the rising waters or more sophisticated gages that measure height and CFS (Cubic Feet per Second). NOAA has such gages across the U.S. I am sure other countries have similar systems as a means of monitory flows. Become familiar with these systems for safety or whether a planned trip should be canceled due to projected blow outs of a river system.  A helpful suggestion: keep a journal or note somehow the fishable/floatable levels. Note when the river is blown out and note those levels. Note the historic floods and what is considered flood stage. Home Page NOAA. There are other excellent NW resources too: USGS Gages & Westfly


Remote Origins Way Upstream

Camp Creek Oregon TM SwittersB

“We don’t tend to ask where a lake comes from. It lies before us, contained and complete, tantalizing in its depth but not its origin. A river is a different kind of mystery, a mystery of distance and becoming, a mystery of source. Touch its fluent body and you touch far places. You touch a story that must end somewhere but cannot stop telling itself, a story that is always just beginning.” — (John Daniel, Oregon Rivers)


Science & such were never my strong suit……….

Sandy R plunge SwittersBWell, I was going to do some science, math, nature deal here of how much water flows over that rock per second (CFS..Cubic Feet a Second). I noted this stretch of the Sandy River (Oregon) is running at 1300 CFS, which is about average right now. Well, the science says 1 CFS fills a box 1′ x 1′ x 1′ per second. So, now I start to get lost when I picture 1300 cubic boxes right there per second. See, I spared you the whole improbable bit of boxes whizzing by over that rock. I will just stick to the image and hope for the best.

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