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Fly Fishing the Philippines: Serenity at Sunset

Chest Deep and Nice Casting at Sunset in the Philippines  

Fly Fishing in the Philippines: I couldn’t find an explanation re what the fly fisher was angling for…but the sunset and lapping waves looked pleasant enough. His casting stroke is nice and he is shuffling his feet as the surfaces shifts. I have a friend, who just returned from the Islands. He says there is some excellent fly fishing to be had in the Philippines. Of course, he didn’t elaborate.

Well, in light of the typhoons that just caused death and destruction in the islands, this prior post may seem in poor taste. I wasn’t aware of the storms. However, I will leave the post for a more serene time.


Fly Tying: Tandem Hooks Worms~Nereids

A tandem hook set up can be used for freshwater, not so freshwater and saltwater. A wiggly, worm/nereids pattern is possible with two stinger type hooks. I was researching various nymph rigging setups and came upon a saltwater multi-fly set up, which led to the tandem hook set up I thought worth sharing. It provides a worthy fly pattern for various species of fish. A smaller version of Derek Fergus’ MOAL pattern.

Scorpion Worm c/o (SwittersB)





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Skandi Cam


Loreto, Baja Fly Fishing Preparation

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I made my way to Loreto, Baja (pronounced Lo-Ret-O, no Spanish Lo-Ray-to) for a brief visit. This is a very beautiful little town. Some of the usual tourist trappings, but not too much. I had my gear with me from fishing further South, but I did not have time in Loreto to wet a line. FlyFishUSA, an Oregon Shop, has taken the time to put together a travel to Loreto and fly fish checklist and suggestions piece. That sunshine looks awfully inviting about now.

Loreto, Baja, Mexico (SwittersB)

Loreto, Baja, Mexico (SwittersB)


Fly tying: UV Heads (Excellent Tip From Bones on the Brain)

Bones On the Brain pointed out a well researched piece by bcarson4374 at Kiene’s Fly Shop Forum dated January 2008. A lot of well thought out considerations here re various epoxy like materials used to form clear, durable heads on saltwater patterns but relevent to fresh water patterns as well. Simon Graham has a suggestion as well.

UV Cure Products Test Study


Zane Grey (Bonefish Pioneer at Duck Key~Florida Keys)


Zane Grey was a pioneer when it came to fishing the flats of the nearby islands such as Duck Key for permit and bonefish. In his book Tales of Fishes, Grey describes his obsession with bonefishing,

If I spent another month bonefishing, I would become obsessed and lose my enthusiasm for other kinds of fish.Why? My reasons range from the exceedingly graceful graceful beauty of the bonefish to the fact that he is the wisest, shyest, wariest, strangest fish I have ever studied; and I am not excepting the great Xiphias gladius – the broadbill swordfish. As for the speed of the bonefish, I claim no salmon, no barracuda, no other fish celebrated for swiftness of motion, is in his class. As for the strength of the bonefish, I actually hesitate to give my impressions. As for his cunning, it is utterly baffling. As for his biting, it is almost imperceptible. As for his tactics, they are beyond conjecture.

In the story Bonefish Brigade, Zane Grey describes bonefishing as

. . . the fullest, the most difficult, the strangest and most thrilling, the lonesomest and most all-satisfying of all kinds of angling. … bonefishing has all the finesse, the delicacy, the skill, the incomprehensible vagaries, the test of endurance that salmon fishing has. And more! For in bonefishing there is more of a return to the boyish emotions than in salmon fishing. For the complete version go to Zane Grey’s “Bonefish Brigade.”

I recall watching Dick Powell (actor for the young ones) on the Zane Grey Theater. From that show evolved spinoffs of The Rifleman, The Texas Ranger, Wanted Dead or Alive and several more TV Westerns. The name Zane Grey seemed unique and for a young boy in the 1950’s that was a far as it went until the late 1970’s when the name popped up again when I was studying fly fishing for steelhead on Oregon’s Rogue and Umpqua rivers. There was that name again. And. I soon realized Zane Grey was one of those escapists like Hemingway. A pioneer he was in deed.


Enviro Surge & Scourge (Man’s Miscalculations Upon the Resources)

“Michigan wants to slam the door shut on the voracious fish before they enter the Great Lakes and destroy the region’s $7-billion-a-year sport fishing industry or threaten the $16 billion spent on recreational boating each year.”

“The latest threat — Asian carp — began their relentless march north along the Mississippi River decades ago, after being imported for use in Southern states to clean the ponds of catfish farmers in the 1970s. Government workers were also experimenting with the fish as a way to control weeds and dispose of sewage. The fish proved dangerously effective at eating and reproducing in their new home, with the bighead carp variety eating up to 40 percent of its weight each day and growing to 100 pounds and four feet long. Once the carp got into the wild, they began driving out native fish species that anglers covet, eventually dominating entire stretches of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The silver carp variety’s habit of jumping several feet out of the water into the path of motorboats — and their pilots and passengers — makes recreational boating a dangerous proposition in infested areas, with many injuries reported.” Asian Carp About to Enter Great Lakes Chain


“No method of commercial fishing is more destructive of marine ecosystems than longlining. on any given day 100 million baited hooks dangle from giant trotlines in all the world’s oceans……Longlining was introduced by the Japanese in 1952 when the United States first allowed their provisional government to return to the sea. By 1965, Japanese longliners were stripping marine life from every quarter of every ocean. Later in the decade, Spain and the United States joined the slaughter. By the 21st century longlining had become a free-for-all with more than 40 nations and untold pirate fleets competing for rapidly dwindling resources.” Ted Williams of FlyRodReel


Fly Tying: Prevent Tail~Hook Fouling with Thick Mono Loop

Mono Loop on Hook

I saw this trick several years ago at a Fly Tying Expo in Eugene, Oregon (Albany, Oregon now; March). A common problem with trailing tails of marabou or rabbit strips is that the tail gets wrapped around the bend of the hook and does not trail behind the fly. The concept of the mono loop is that it supports the rabbit fur strip out away from the bend of the hook, thereby lessening the sag of the tail and possibility of it catching around the bend. This is a technique I have not used. I would think it is better suited for straight cut rabbit fur and not marabou.

“A mono loop must be tyed at the back of the hook to prevent the tail from fouling around the hook. It must be a stiff mono with a break strength of 20#-40#. Mason is perfect for this. Use a pair of pliers to mash the ends of the mono flat for better strength at the tye in point. Form a loop extending ½” behind the hook right on top. Tye the tail in right on top of the mono loop. Glue that stage down to the hook with Crazy Glue (brushable) so it won’t twist around the hook.”  Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers

Simon Graham commented: “I use this method a lot,especially when using Raccoon fur strips on my poppers. I use weed trimmer cord on mine though, here’s what I do”


Fly fishing Kiritimati (Christmas Island May 2009)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I didn’t make this video, but much of the visuals here sure take me back a couple years ago when I visited this exotic location. Worth a look if you intend to go here someday. I have posted elsewhere here about that trip. Query Christmas Island or Kiritimati in search box, upper right.

I went end of November, into December. I am told Spring has become a favorite now, along with newer accommodations on the Island besides the Mini, where I stayed. Maybe the Mini isn’t running out food these days. I didn’t mind the P&B sandwiches that smelled of fish, but a packed lunch of cold tuber, cold white rice and cold fish and water was unsettling to the gut more than once.


Fly Tying: Red Fish Spoon Fly Tutorial

Spoon Fly (NWMagnum)

“The proper action for this fly is for it to “wobble” its way through the water, both when sinking and when being stripped. While sinking, the fly should swing back and forth, side to side, like a falling leaf. This action sends waves through the water that fish sense, much like the waves of a swimming fish. This attracts feeding fish even if the water is not clear enough for them to see the fly.” NWMAGNUM Spoon Fly Tutorial

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