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Sculpin S-B-S for Browns or …………?

Predator fish appear to clobber the Home Invader by Doug McKnight given the success of Satoshi Yamamoto at Lefty Angler Blogspot. Here is a S-B-S by McKnight and a look at Satoshi’s Montana angling experiences. I like the anchoring of the dumbbell eyes atop the lead wire wraps base. Open loops, side arm/over the top casts (Belgian casts?) or chuck and duck. Barb the hook.

Doug's Home Invader Sculpin pattern (LeftyAnglerBlogspot)


Fly Tying: Mottled Experimentation

Nothing extraordinary here. Just experimenting with colors when wet. Odd, even goofy looking when dry, not bad when wet, but a little weak in the shoulders, behind the cone head. I do sometimes wet a nymph or streamer pattern to see how it looks wet, on a paper towel. Some materials, like marabou, are much more active in the water than when swept back out of the water. I think I would forget the front black hackle and build up that area with dubbing or hair collar of some sort.

Hackle Barring and colors for mottled look? SB

Hackle Barring and colors for mottled look? SB

Some mottling; too thin behind the cone (SB)


Fly Tying: Hook Point Up (HPU) Streamers

I have been researching an area of fly fishing/tying that I admittedly don’t utilize enough…streamers on rivers (a staple in many areas of the country). I do fish them for Browns on Oregon stillwaters. But, otherwise they are rarely considered. So, I recently remarked upon seeing Sculpins darting about in a river. More research suggested Sculpins might be a reasonable Winter pattern to swing and dart along the bottom to entice those sulky Rainbows.

While researching Sculpin patterns I came across a style of hook that, when weighted, allows for a Hook Eye Up (HPU) presentation. Heavy lead eyes tied on the top of the hook shank are known to cause the hook to flip over and ride hook point up. But, the piece here uses a different off set worm hook.

The HPU presentation provides many options in tying (freshwater/saltwater). Fox Statler of Willow Ford, Ark. offers up pattern suggestions and kits for preparing HPU Streamers/Shiners.

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