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Virtual porn or….?

More thoughtful this time… something thought provoking for me, at any rate. I was listening to a techno futurist named Jason Silva (Brain Games) today about virtual reality and the possibilities. I have noticed that VR media attention has been about gaming and porn/futuristic sexual relations. Silva offered this and think of the potential for humanity….What if VR could take us to a refugee camp, an epidemic zone, a war zone, the aftermath of a natural disaster, the scenes of loss, devastation, the humanity of it all. Seeing is believing. Not news specials, news soundbites, still images…all with some influence upon us granted, but the VR would be profoundly more into our gut, our mind…dare I offer our soul?

What would be the impact on breaking down barriers, to clarify the often filtered, propagandized inputs? Would we perhaps care more, try harder with what is before us and beyond. Would the need for force on earth be clarified, if really needed? I found it thought provoking and far more important than those seeking self absorbed gratifications or the media’s limited promotion of the potentials here. Silva’s verbal presentation was far more provocative than here. Something to consider?


Sex: Reality vs. Idealism

“Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.” Hunter S. Thompson

Sex Madness Movie (1938) Poster in a Portland ‘junk’shop

warning-sex madness-danger-film-poster-photography-SwittersB


Fly Fishing & Dames


Waylon Lewis Image

Waylon Lewis Image

Of course, perhaps he took the dames fishing too! I think so.

As an aside, if you are going to introduce someone to fly fishing, or any outdoor pursuit, introduce them with the basic appropriate gear: clothing, shoes, etc. Keep them comfortable, safe and able to enjoy the beginnings of the endeavor. Oh, and be patient. Nothing can ruin a special moment like your impatience or outbursts. I don’t imagine Clark allowed the little miss to become too uncomfortable for long.

GableSylvia x

Clark with his 4th wife, Sylvia Ashley


Red Eyed Special

“Men are nicotine soaked, beer besmirched, whiskey greased, red eyed devils.” Carrie Nation

“I’ve seen the devil of violence, and the devil of greed, and the devil of hot desire; but by all the stars these were strong, lusty, red-eyed devils that swayed and drove men crazy.” Joseph Conrad

red eye-devil-red-old building-lost souls-photography-SwittersB


Sex By the Numbers…………

First you do this and then you do that and then hold on to your undies…ur don’t hold on to them. Such is sex by the numbers or fly fishing by the numbers…at first  Odd how fly fishing is often equated with sexual concepts. Taking lessons, having hands on mentoring, books, videos, guides all play an important part along the way in learning the basics of sex fly fishing. Once you get the hang of it and learn to adapt to the lay of the water, it becomes much more intuitive and enjoyable. It becomes more mental than physical. Let the good times roll. Some things you just don’t forget how to do, once you know. Riding a bike, fly fishing………..

Rainbow Trout-SwittersB-Photography-Outdoors-Fly FishingEnjoy the planning, the drive, the anticipation, the learning experience, and ultimately the climactic ‘moment’. 


The Wait, The Pulse, The Moment: ‘Happy As Larry’

I was researching a gardening site on planting Clematis, when the woman remarked the plant would be as ‘Happy as Larry’ in its new spot….huh? Never heard that one before. A little research and ‘Happy as Larry.’ All that aside, I am often given over to being as Happy as Larry with early Summer fly fishing outings. The anticipation and planning during the Winter/Spring. Getting gear ready. All the fly tying and rearranging the flies in boxes. Tweaking the gear, clothing, studying maps, loading it all up and venturing forth. The arrival, the immediate intimacy of the lake or river; even better the fewer the people around you.

I enjoy the giddy feeling and then settle into the wait, the presentation of the fly, the edgy focus. Then in varying ways the Trout takes and from little fish to chunksters they impart the moment. Fought, admired, respected, released back to the icy depths, then I try to repeat the process and with any luck the outdoor, intimate, mind sex repeats itself.  Happy as Larry indeed!

photography-sunrise-clouds-red sky morning-SwittersB

Red Sky Morning Departure

photography-SwittersB-Fly Fishing-metal sculpture
photography--macro-caddis pupa-fly tying-SwittersB
Photography-Macro-Fly Tying-SwittersB
Photography-big trout-rainbow-fly fishing-Springtime-SwittersB
rainbow trout-photography-fly fishing-SwittersB-Bucky


Sexy This….Sexy That: Really?

I have noticed of late that things are getting just too sexy out there. I mean it use to be somewhat clear what was visually sexy, at least from my point of view. But now it seems sexiness is attaching itself to all manner of pursuits.

old sexy?

It seems like only yesterday that ‘sexy’ in the fly fishing realm was pretty recognizable

But somehow, my testosterone depletion has caused me to miss the apparently enticing changes in what is sexy out there…..

-Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 9.19.18 AM

sexy bugs

Even Caddis are ‘sexy’

-Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 9.19.07 AM
-Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 9.14.58 AMNow Fly Fishing is not the only Sexy endeavor. Take these past times and picture sexy…

-ping pong-gardening-Mountaineering-cookingNow, I have to admit that on occasion SwittersB has used the tag ‘sexy’, but I believe the use was of a more traditional use (excepting the marabou). 

sexy swittersbToday, fly rods, fish porn, reels, lines, waders, boots, destinations, fly patterns, insects and materials are sexy. Hell, if ping pong can be sexy anything can be sexy I suppose.

-sexy paintsOk, I vow to do better in misusing the tag ‘sexy’. 


Imagery: Provocation & Seduction

spey fly TMuncyA pencil drawing of a Spey fly with the trailing stinger hook. The Steelhead is enticed, provoked, seduced into engulfing the fly and upon the take turning and jetting away. The stinger hook tries to ensure a more assured hook up with the metal head, steel jawed piece of flexing muscle.

Spey Fly Stinger

This fly was tied by my son Tony. The same one that drew the pencil sketch above years ago. There is a real, visible sense of the artistic here. Does the fish appreciate that? No…simply predation. Provoked to consume….a gentle way of saying ‘to kill’ another in the food chain.

Echo Lamson Rocks Moss SwittersB

Feathered Bark Rod Reel SwittersB2

One of the primary tools for the quest. In this instance, a two hander…a spey rod…as opposed to the ‘normal’ one handed fly rod. Different skill sets to learn. Greater potentials in presentation: distance in casting. Notice the pieces of wood that are now high and dry? They were submerged and the forces of the current have stripped the bark into fans, feathers……..

T Muncy SwittersB ImageIt has been awhile since I have aggressively pursued sea run trout..Steelhead. I did for many years with a single handled rod (normal fly rod) and did well. Somehow, I got caught up in the machinations of the two handed rod and immediately stopped catching Steelhead. Paying my dues? Hmm? Not sure. I lost focus and intuitively lost interest. Now, I feel I must justify the expenses of gear and catch/release a Steelhead. You will notice I have no pics of a Steelhead and SwittersB to display. Remember my resolutions? Time management, focus, location/presentation, desire.


Dragon Fly Fascination and Migration

As an avid fly fisher, particularly stillwaters, I have this frequently expressed fascination with Dragon Flies and Damsels….but, especially the Dragon. Probably it is the same for you, but these airborne critters alight upon my rod on a frequent basis. Mating in a sizzle-dizzle manner they land on my vessel like I am some dark alley outside of a bar (I made that up and am not sure where it came from). Dragon Flies are positive karma to me, even if not to their unfortunate prey.

I love fishing the ‘nymph’ or larva pattern and attempt to visualize it as a predatory killer, something the predatory Trout rarely fails to smack. So, I found a few interesting tidbits about adult dragons: did you know they (some of them) migrate South? Never considered that an option. They have been known to attack Hummingbirds! All this from these friendly visitors. Maybe I should be more concerned by these creatures:

“During all stages of their lives, dragonflies are fearsome and efficient hunters. If dragonfly larvae were eight to sixteen inches long, as they probably were 300 million years ago, we would dare not swim in fresh water for fear of being attacked.” (XX)

Applying Tracking Device (Christian Ziegler Photo)


Longing For That Certain Something…………….

Beadhead Pupa Patterns Waiting (SwittersB)

All manner of life’s demands sometimes, often times, stand between this sweet obsession of fly fishing and our needs to be at ease. At ease with that part of us that feels certain fulfilling thoughts as we are in the act of fishing.

Probably different for many as to what they feel or process while fishing, but I am today considering what you think and feel when not fishing….when you are not likely to get out for anytime soon and the mind twitches through sequences of thought.

For me, my Winter’s effort at tying set there, in boxes, as a provocation. That effort, the anticipation, the planning are on hold. Yet, those repetitive efforts to tie flies were also tied to daydreams, images of successes and a preordained sense of satisfaction. Denied those successes the mind sputters along. There is not gleeful anticipation, but more like an annoying comparison of what was and what is now…like that irritating back or shoulder pain that begs comparisons of what was and what is now.

For me presentation and anticipation, akin to some seduction, are running through my mind. Like that sexy picture that can be seen but never touched. One has to believe that some day one will feel the fantasy and the reality come back together….soon. Life interrupts………this too shall pass.

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