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Women Fly Fishers at Rogue Angels (You know enough is enough!)

As someone that works long hours and fantasizes about finding time to be on the water and be connected to ‘the moment’, I find it exasperating and a little off putting to come across this never ending string of beautiful women, and women who could fish circles around me. What the hell! I mean, if I tried casting with a two hander that way, I would have piercings and a new unintended image for sure. 

It has been fun to highlight Rogue Angels and women’s FF clubs etc. But, as much as I want to beleive these sites are enhancing the sport for women…I mean come on..this  might as well be Hooters Goes Fly Fishing. These sites contain all the appeal trigger points: drop dead gorgeous women, beautiful smiles, even more beautiful fish, the high end gear we all wish we could afford, primo locations and that inevitable feeling of ‘geeze, just invite me to come along just once’ (that’s what my 19 y/o says; I have to be more careful). The shots are beautiful and the women are amazingly vital and in love with ‘the moment’. It just goes to show the power of a pretty face, a lovely smile and a sexy fish. I love it! 

No, seriously, I know these women are for real. I believe they swung the fly, they felt the pluck, they played the fish and their faces always show the collective power of that connection. I am always smiling, not just from their beauty, but because I get it. We all do. Cool!     


Man Has Sex With Fish (I am disgusted!)

Man and Fish Get It On!

Man and Fish Get It On!

Not a sign of protection in sight! I knew this kind of thing loomed. What with all the kissing of fish before releasing them and calling them ‘baby’ and ‘darlin’. I blame this on the Southern influence of Bass fishing and Jimmy Houston in particular. Once you cross the line like this your sexual identity can be thrown into total chaos. The old lady will never look good enough again. And, coming home with the smell of another fish on your person! Well, this puts fishy smell in a whole new category. Deplorable I say. Imagine what the ecobots will have to say about this. If you can’t catch them and release them you sure as hell can’t fornicate with one!

Update: OK, I am a little troubled! Unless you know this remote and insignificant post exists…then why are some of you querying only two words “fish” “sex”? What’s up with that? Alarming fetish…a misplaced fetish. You love to fish…even love fish…but not make love to fish or equate sex and fish in same query.


Fish Art (Nice Canvas)

Nice Canvas

Nice Canvas

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