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be still…

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” Robert Lynd

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needs a little work….

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An image washes over the mind………

I find it fascinating how a past experience, recorded in part in an image, can elicit sensations of sounds, temperature, state of mind, state of heart. The below pic was on a hot, windy afternoon on a lake. I had battled the winds and waves and eventually found a soft spot in a back bay out of the winds. The air was warm, filled with pine and juniper. The temperature was hot and the breeze brought sweat to the neck and forehead. The wind cut away the words of my partner as we attempted to converse. I stopped fighting it, I found shelter, I let go and took it in. I gave thanks for the moment knowing I would have to get back across that lake in that wind. But, I knew I was going to be just fine. Oh, and there were fish resting in that back bay as well. The image is soothing on this chilly Winter’s day.



Photography: Nature’s Shelter Without a Roof

Home needs Roof SwittersB


Homeless, Concrete Roofs and Damp Conditions

Yesterday, I was prowling about trying to drive/walk in to a point where my daughter and I had taken a shot of the Steel Bridge years ago for one of her school photography projects. Well the area has been fenced, chained, signed and generally blocked off. In part because of the marauding homeless and their borrowing ways. I encountered clusters of homeless camps along the way but didn’t intrude with my camera.

Looking SB

I drove in beneath bridge and freeway over passes toward an area where access was at one time readily available. But not anymore…….

Blocked Off SB

Most areas beneath freeway overpasses/spans are fenced off now to stop encampments. These areas afforded some comfort away from the persistent Portland rains and the very cold East winds of winter that blow through this area.

There were still a half dozen smaller enclaves of tarps, pallets, shopping carts and cardboard in the area. The campers attempt to set up near any structure that affords a windbreak, support, shelter. I suppose my lack of images of these homeless folks is only fitting…they go unseen to most of us every day. It isn’t that there aren’t shelters and food available for the ‘homeless’ in Portland.

I mean Portlandians fancy themselves as quite progressive and caring. Most of these enclaves are situated in close proximity to shelters and food resources. Regardless of the social service agencies and private resources and outreach, the  ‘homeless’ continue to move about the industrial areas setting up camps and leading their lives in solitude or at least amongst their own kind. I imagine this style of living dates way back in time along the Willamette River regardless of the economic conditions of the time.

Old Railing Burnside Bridge SB

On a more mundane level, I was able to photograph this old railing on the Burnside Bridge as I drove out of the area.


Fly Fishing Lakes: Find A Nook Out of the Wind

Nook (noun); Old English (Nok): a corner, a sheltered spot, a small recess.

More often than not, the wind is a nemesis on a lake if you don’t anchor up or you have not identified sheltered areas to work on, at the edges of the wind. I fish from a pontoon boat. And, if there is a downside to that vessel it is the wind as it pushes you along like a giant sail. If I don’t anchor up, in the wind, and contend with the rolling waves, dragging anchor and thwarted back casts, I look for any small ‘nook’ or length of shoreline that gives a workable area to fish.

This is a an overview of Salmon L. in B.C. The Wind (black arrows) frequently came from the W/NW in June. I often found myself in a narrow area, out of the wind, shown by the yellow arrows. I would kick along the shoreline (catching fish) and when I reached an upper point I would turn and drift along the seam of wind/less wind. I was wind drifting and would control how fast I wanted to drift by how much I subjected my vessel to the wind. Often, the orange arrowed area (15 yards wide by 100 yards long) was the only respite and I must say it never failed to produce even if I was confined to a smaller merry-go-round. This area produced many beautiful Kamloops trout. The other end of the lake produced a similar area of safety, but I have fished it less.

Here, on a recent trip, the wind tore along on the far left (black arrow) like a river. A finger of land jutted out to provide a wind break. You can see the cat tails waving in the wind. This quiet area provided shelter and excellent fishing in the quieter spots against the bank (green arrows). I caught a half dozen fish through here. I would rest the water a bit after thrashing it up with a fish and again have success.

This was a beautiful Trout that took a Damsel dry pattern against the reeds in that sheltered back water ‘nook’…out of the wind.


True North (Cloudless Night & True North); Rules of 3 for Survival

Big Dipper & True North

Big Dipper & True North

Big Dipper Method: Draw a straight line through the two stars that make up the end of the pot (opposite the handle) and continue this line away from the opening of the pot until it intersects a star known as “Polaris” (the North Star) and you have North.

The Rule of 3’s simply stated is you have:

  • 3 minutes without AIR
  • 3 hours without SHELTER
  • 3 days without WATER
  • 3 weeks without FOOD

Search and rescue statistics show most people are rescued within 72 hours, so if you handle the first 2 priorities, you’re most likely going to make itspottedowl[1].Check out the other survival tips at Wilderness Survival Blog….you learned some of this in Cub Scouts and the Military. However, most of us have become to comfortable in the outdoors a hundred yards from our rig. Everyonce in  awhile you venture to that remote tributary. If you fall, get lost or are otherwise stranded what is your plan for survival? Are you carrying anything with you for survival? Does anyone know where you were headed?

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