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Tenkara in Siberia: Some Beautiful Presentations

Tenkara in Siberia presents many beautiful images. It is written in Russian, but I did not feel the need to translate at this point. I was content, as you might be, to peruse the site and take in the imagery. I am fairly noncommittal about the Tenkara fascination. I get the short line, intimate, minimalist concept. I love many of the fly pattern concepts and think them more than worthy to ‘traditional’ fly fishing presentations. Give Tenkara in Siberia a visit and enjoy the effort. It you are totally into Tenkara traditions then you will enjoy the site, if you don’t already visit it. Get your translation tools out. Also, here is an additional piece re joining the lines used in Tenkara from Troutrageous.



Vladimir Markov (ok, Vladi, where’s that secret spot?)

Vladimir Markov of Eastern Russia

Vladimir Markov of Eastern Russia

I find Markov’s tying and story fascinating. I would like to know more about this tyer tucked away in the hinterlands of Siberia near the largest lake in the world. His patterns are unique. There is a gazillion miles of unknown waters for Markov…talk about the secret spots. Anyway, explore his updated site and patterns. He is well known to International sites, but little has been written about his actual fishing exploits. I hope to find more.    

“Lake Baikal: nearly 400 MILES LONG, 5,700 feet deep, and holding one-fifth of the freshwater on earth, Lake Baikal has long been a favorite stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The southern end is by far the most accessible: Irkutsk, a cosmopolitan city of more than half a million, is 45 miles from the lake. It’s a 75-hour train trip to Irkutsk from Moscow, and 72 from Vladivostok, so fly in from Moscow…”  

Lenox Trout of Siberia

Lenox Trout of Siberia

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