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Fly Fishing: Introducing to Kids

Kell & Katie (SwittersB)

I have written here before re my own transgressions in teaching my sons how to fly fish. Just a friendly reminder to make it a relaxed, initially simple outing. Do not bring your own competitive, impatient style to the water. Be patient with the child’s own impatience and competitive streak. Teach them, mentor them with an eye toward the realities of the sport: things do not always go as planned or desired. Tangles, snags, collapsed casts are all to be expected and fixed. Like in life……..

If you are teaching your own acquaintances, then remember they will be watching your style and how you handle all manner of problems and successes. We do tend to be on our good behavior while teaching strangers, but less so around our own family.

Children will bring to the table all manner of emotions they have developed through sports or self -imposed assessments. Don’t add to their load with too much negativity or too much “here let me show you”. Keep it simple and fun. 

Pick a quiet expanse of lawn at a park or school. Starting at the edge of a stream can be ok, but back casts, mending, roll casts etc. will require patience. At the end of a session, you will know if the child is relaxed, happy, excited or handing that rod to you like it is charged with bad ju ju.

Once you think they have a simple grasp of the basics, a casting class or beginner’s class may be in order, but make sure they are up to it and that you have a sense if the instructor is up to teaching kids. Watch for kid’s classes or introduction to fly fishing casting ponds at sportsmen’s shows /expositions.

Above everything, make it something they will want to still be doing for the rest of their life. Check out FlyFishingPhil for a casting technique drill to adapt to teaching young ones:


Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler




Fly Fishing’s Hottest New Trend

Early Morning Friend (SwittersB)

Centered Self (not self absorbed). No outward persona to play the foolish ‘bum’. No seeking the secret anything. It  doesn’t exist or last more than a short time anyway. Shallow pals, self abuse, dead ends, same old newness. Get back to what you always come back to anyway…the basics. Bored too soon with that? Then probably the rest of you life is boring too (save all that drama you get into).

Slow down. Truly take it in. Re-center yourself. Spend this Summer truly enjoying the simple to the complex without a hint of competition (even the self imposed fish count). Don’t brag about where you have been or where you are headed. Just do it and smile that you are fortunate enough to do it at this stage of your life. If you are teaching someone new to the sport then it tasks you with sharing the essence of the sport. Ego, trappings, next fix? Or, something simpler and more pure. 

Well, ok, it’s my attention grabbing lead in. But, you know I am right. 


Fly Fishing: Spring Cleaning & Reorg

Headed Out Early (SwittersB)

A reminder for the multi-directional (species targeted) fly fisher: sort out your gear that has spread far and wide (albeit in the same rig in different gear bags). Bring it together for stillwaters, rivers, ponds.

Spring has sprung. The flies tend to stay divided amongst the species. But, pay attention to spools of tippets for rebuilding leaders, tippets and the tools (nippers, pliers, etc.) Clothing can get spread out. Have you laid eyes on those booties and fins since last October? The anchor you were going to fix? Do it now. My pontoon boat has a leak. I have been thinking about it all Winter, but have put it off, not wanting to do it in the cold.

My Winter Steelhead gear is consolidated (not used near enough). The smaller Steelhead flies, set aside for the bigger flies of Winter, are in the those boxes…where now? In one of those gear bags.

Just a reminder…..  If you fish various species of fish, then your gear gets subdivided and scattered. Spring is a nice time to consolidate the gear and see where you placed things while traveling, dumping gear in a hurry, and forgetting to go back to dry it out (oops!).


Food Time: ‘Can You Stay for Dinner?’

Andrea Mitchell at Can You Stay for Dinner has some very tasty treats on her blog. Her story is inspiring and her recipes are perfect heading into Summer.



Cooking: Tzaziki Sauce & Sweet Onions

My daughter Theresa, dubbed the Polish Princess by her grandma,  has an emerging flare for cooking and entertaining. She whipped up this simple sauce this weekend and I can tell you a couple ways to use it for Summer time fare…well anytime fare:

First the Tzaziki Sauce:

8 ounces of Plain Yogurt

Pinch of minced, mild green onion; touch of dill.

One half tablespoon sugar, then salt & garlic to taste, touch of black pepper.

Now slice and add to this sauce cucumbers or sweet onions. Leave the onions in rings. This is sloppy good for gyros, with lamb, with steaks, with pork, at the gathering. Chill before serving and let the sauce meld with the onions or cuc’s. Excellent & refreshing.

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