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Congrats to USA Women’s Soccer: World Champs!!!

USA Womens


Soccer: If I am going to freeze my ass off…….

Temp SoccerThen someone please score! Anyone….score!

Seattle Sounders: 0    New England Revolution: 0

Century Link Sounders 4-13 SB

Of course, in light of today’s Boston Marathon trauma/terrorism, we should all be more alert, engaged and focused, at least once in awhile, upon the what if’s in a large setting. Chaos, panic, staying together, a plan if separated? What if’s. At least once in awhile think it, plan it, state it!

In light of today, I won’t complain about freezing my ass off for a 0-0 soccer game. I have sat through wet/cold Spring Rugby games and track meets. At least there is a justifiable ending!!! 0-0 ugh!

Think…Plan…State It…Be confident! Arenas, public venues, restaurants, sidewalks, your home….what if’s. Not just the most catastrophic incidents of bombs or gunshots. Yelling, crowd swelling, assaults, waves of movement. Plan on how to grab little ones, give commands, be strong. Focus, survive!


This Weekend: Life’s Crunching the Numbers

Life…Does it touch the ‘bum’? If we are to believe the visuals and words, the ‘bum’ travels from one Fly Fishing Valhlalla to another. Life’s demands don’t seem to grab them by their Gore Tex’s ass. Well, of course, it does…eventually.

This weekend in no particular order, I have my GDaughter’s First Communion..Selling my Dad’s 1965 Chevy S/W..Acknowledging the death of my mom from cancer..going to my GDaughter’s soccer game..stopping by my Aunt’s hoarding home..writing a few blog posts.. And, with my poor memory, I have surely missed something in the stack…oh yes! Crunching some final numbers for my business unit’s budget…due Monday. And no where is there going to be a rod in my hand. Soon, ‘bum’ism’ may even touch me…for awhile at least.


World Cup Soccer…I’m Sorry (More Rugby Please)

World Cup: As the French team gets their collective panties in a bunch and Sarkozy has to delve into a team’s folly to avoid national embarrassment, I am reminded why I have never warmed to soccer beyond a few years ago when the University of Portland Pilots’ women’s team ruled college soccer.

Anymore, I cannot trust any of it (team sports). Team sports mostly seem over hyped and the individual, physical abilities are lost. Now that Tiger has fallen and Lance is suspect, what is left of my individual athletes I enjoyed? Well, for me, Rugby, a team sport. My kid played it for four years. Four years of wondering if his brain pan would ever survive. The verdict is still out on that one. I rarely get to see it. I caught a bit of Cal dominating the college championships, yet again. Every now and then there will be a brief glimpse of a rugby match on the television.

Nope, you can’t advocate it for all the little tykes of earnest, pressed yuppies. Nope, it will never have the massive U.S. following of football. But, every now and then if you come across it…set your mind to neutral and watch a bit of it. Even if you don’t root for the All Blacks, South Africa or Ireland or whom ever…give it it’s due. Even there, there are French men that are not sissy’s.

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