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Micro Nymphs (Why They’re Fished)


Red Butt Micro by Loren Williams

Red Butt Micro by Loren Williams

I found this piece by Loren Williams interesting with re to why Czech nymphing was the norm for grayling. With the destruction of mayfly populations, the fly fisher adapted to the remaining caddis populations and the resultant heavy dredging of the beautiful Cz/Pol nymphs. However, the competitive fly fishing venues necessitates fishing to the circumstances or conditions and Williams noted that Czech Nymphing is not always successful where mayflies still exist….hence the micro nymphs that many of us in the West take for granted on certain waters. Size 14 and 16 (smaller if you have the patience to tie and fish) seem the norm for our mayfly matching. Still interesting on the adaptability of competitive anglers. The techniques of East/SE Euro’s, Italians, French and Spaniards is definitely worth additional research in order to see if tricks are to be learned to expand the arsenal. Sometimes, I think we do these techniques in a half assed manner and they work…we just intuitively play around til something works… Others think through these processes and figure out the why’s. Perhaps the difference between recreational and competitive fly fishers.


spanish nymphing (when & how)

Spanish Nymph by Ricardo Falero

Spanish Nymph by Ricardo Falero

“Since the 1980’s nymph fishing in Europe has evolved into a number of highly specialized methods that are quite different from techniques favored in the US. These new methods have become very popular with many of the best stream fishermen in the world largely due to International competition. Spanish Nymphing is a technique that all members of Fly Fishing Team USA use extensively. They are relentlessly practiced and blended into the fishing strategy. According to long time Team member Sam Mavrakis, “Each technique has particular advantages for certain conditions, flow rates, depth and so on. I adjust to the conditions as needed. I’m particularly fond of this (Spanish) approach on slower glides.”

“The main differences between Spanish Nymphing and the Eastern European styles lie in the overall length of the leader and the distance from angler to trout during the presentation.” Sam pointed out to me that Spanish Nymphing is a “far more visual technique compared to the feel you get with polish or Czech methods.”

“The proper selection of flies is essential to casting and presentation. The weight of the anchor or point fly (last fly on the leader) is critical. Your objective is to have this fly bouncing along the bottom so that it does not hang up. Proper weight is far more important than the pattern or the size.”

Luis Ricardo Falero Nymph’s (Odd Sugar Plum Fairies dancing in his head!)


Czech, Polish, Spanish Nymphing Basics (the long and the short of it)

Pretty Girl~Blushing

Pretty Girl~Blushing

“The difference between high sticking and Polish nymphing is that the rod is kept low and is not raised as the nymph comes toward you as the “high” in high sticking does. There is no mending in Polish nymphing. Instead, the nymphs are led and, if necessary, gently pulled downstream. This maintains a tight line to the nymphs and the rod leads the flies. In high sticking you try to keep a drag free drift, mending as needed and the rod does not lead the flies, but is kept directly above the flies. The rod is gradually elevated well above your head (hence the name – high sticking) to keep the line off the water as the flies drift toward you. The high rod position is then lowered as the nymphs pass you and go downstream from the angler’s position. In Polish nymphing the nymphs do not pass the anglers position but rather the rod is picked up with a wrist twist at that point and another cast is made. The drifts are very short, 5 ft. long at the most, whereas the high sticking attemps to prolong the drag free drift as long as possible by casting well above the angler’s positon and extending the drift well below the angler.”  To read more about the differences in Czech, Polish and High Stick Nymphing checkout the Yuhina Blog for good associated leads. Nymph box from same blog.

Spanish Nymphing Basics:  (instructional videos)

Please search my blog as well. I have many Czech Nymphing posts…void the search box and enter Czech Nymphing etc.

From Comments Section (I cannot totally decipher what Henry means but if he is due direct recognition perhaps this will help focus attention upon him):

Henry Kanemoto |

I wrote the article that you have taken the quote from.

See my original post on the main page of the Fly Fisherman forun as Silver Creek:

“The blog you refer to took my material and put it up without giving me credit until I requested it.

Please give me rather than the blog credit for my writing.”

From Czech, Polish, Spanish Nymphing Basics (the long and the short of it), 2008/11/05 at 8:40 PM

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