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Fly Fishing: Tying for Chrome

Accomplished fly fisher, Larry Tamiyasu of Portland, Oregon, travels far and wide fly fishing for a variety of fish species. He is an accomplished tier and like most of us, anticipates success with his own creations.

Preparing by Larry Tamiyasu (SwittersB)

And, more often than not, he and his fishing partners are successful where ever they wet at line.

Successful Fly Pattern by Larry Tamiyasu (SwittersB)

Thanks Larry for sharing. He and his buds have already booked their digs for next October. Anticipation……………….



Spey Tying & Fishing: The Under Employed Rebels


Fisheads Flies 'n Lore

Via Spey Heads (FB) for Fish Heads Flies and Lore

Indulgent individualism? Rebels without a care? Whatever, they help tweak the realm, even if you hate them, envy them, support them. Sometimes fish bums are akin to foodies, the well traveled, the spoiled few….you want to just slap the shit out of them. Then again, you like knowing them too.



Spey Casting: Followup Homework

I spent the better part of the day on the Sandy River fishing for steelhead. No pulls, but I had a good day. I found a very nice drift. I fished reasonably well and had the luxury of no one pushing me downstream. I got to practice, visualize (remember the post re Mike Kinney and his excellent word pictures?) and correct. At the end of the day, maybe two thirds of the casts really laid out nicely, but my attitude was such that there was no pressure, just a relaxed time on the water with beautiful conditions.

Snap T, or was it a Snap C?

But, I decided to do some followup studying when I got home and try to figure out why my Snap T’s or Z’ C’s petered out and caused my fly to unerringly wrap around the end of my rod. I need visuals. I came across a site by Alastair Gowans @ LetsFlyFish. It has some nice basic visuals re some of the Skagit casts as well as other types of fly fishing casts. I also need to pull out Ed Wards Skagit Master DVD and review while today’s fishing is fresh on the mind. I am building the imprint. Got home for last half of the Super Bowl and then it started pouring outside. The day was perfect. (Ok, upon further review, I am not bringing my rod back down river after the snap, but rather stopping as shown in pic, which leaves it open to tangles)


Fly Fishing: Excitor Seduction………….


Mike Kinney (Word Pictures for the Drift)

I have to recommend, again, Mike Kinney on FB. His ability to provide small snippets of imagery via his words is perfect. If you are a beginning fly fisher chasing steelhead, whether with a single hander or two hander, you owe it to yourself to read each paragraph and visualize the process. Also, he takes some nice photo’s. Mike has been around a long time, but his recent posts on FB are excellent.


Spey Casting Basics….Sloooooow

Tim Johnson @ Steelhead Chaser provides a short reminder re spey casting: go slow and then even slower. As I read that, I envisioned my own casting strokes. I could see jerky lifts, fast sweeps, and rushed applications of power to the butt or less appropriately to the right hand at the top of the cork.

I was admonished with the same advice by Matt McCrary on prior outings: ‘Slow down’ ‘easy’…..

A refresher is always good. In my case, it is beginning basics and I am in the process of building the pathways, building solid basics. Watch Youtube spey casting vid’s by say Mike Kinney or Ed Ward and notice the easy, SLOW, movements. Even they watch-feel their casting stroke.


Spey Pages Forum (Suggestions & Advice)


SwittersB Iced Over


This site/forum is perfect for the novice to the accomplished. Unlike some forums, you can cruise about in here and not be savaged by the inner circle-clique. Excellent information.


Spey Casting: Snap T into Double Spey….Ripping


Ripping & Pivoting Toward a D Loop (Snap T Kind of.....)


Fly Fishing: Portent > an indication of…..

A Portent of Things to Come (SwittersB)

Well, I made the resolution. Get out there more. So, I did. With little regard to the temperature (air 26 degrees/water 39 degrees), I ventured forth. Wearing multiple layers, I donned the waders, boots and prepped the gear. Hmmm, where is the Skagit head? All I have is the Scandi? In short order, the ice was forming in the two stripping guides. A portent of things to come………

In very short order, I could only infrequently shoot the running line on the Scandi. I was lucky to get a decent cast out now and then. The decent casts (hard to come by anyway) became fewer and fewer. The stripping guides became clogged and almost invisible. I crunched away the ice, but that became ever more difficult. Short casts of the Scandi’s length plus maybe 5′ of running line beyond the tip became all I could manage.

A Touch of Warmth Afar

I covered the several hundred feet long drift without nary a tug, bump or roll. The Scandi head swung a pink Intruder less than a foot below the surface. Mending wasn’t an option to slow the swing and sink the fly a bit. It became ever more intrusive in my cold addled brain that I was at less than half efficiency. I wasn’t even able to at least practice casting with some diligence.


No excuses. Did not check gear before leaving home. The Skagit head would have swung a little deeper. Not sure what to do about ice in guides. Sprays, ointments, something to eliminate this? It brought my casting to a screeching halt. Swishing the rod in the water added insult to injury. Clothing with balaclava kept me comfortable with the exception of my Simms G4 Guide boots. Frankly, for the money ($200.+), I am disappointed in the boots. Going to have to consider a different purchase and not too happy about that!

Isn’t it amazing what one finds near those fish highways?

Streamside Ice Canvas

The outing is over. The waders frozen in the back of the truck were when I arrived home. All the gear stowed and the waders and boots set out to dry. Where is that Skagit head? After such a disorganized and sloppy outing, it is a good sign that I look forward to the next time. Always a good sign.


SwittersB, the Spey Rod & the Kinect XBox 360


SwittersB Feeling His Way

At some point in my life, fishing a single handed rod became akin to riding a bike. I recall, after many falls, when I could just do it. Same with the single handed rod. Seems second nature now.

However, a two handed rod is not second nature yet. The other night a mental/physical comparison came to mind. I was at my son’s house. He always has the newest this and that techno toy. The Xbox 360 Kinect toy was activated.

‘Oh let’s do the dance game’. Ha! That will be the day. Most of the men hunkered deeper into their chair, myself included. I am of the persuasion that maybe, I say maybe, after several alcoholic bebidas, I might get up and dance at a wedding. Certainly never the chicken dance. Certainly never solo.

So, I had no intention of standing before my family sans rhythm. Yet, there I was standing before everyone and trying to follow the prompts to dance to Funky Town. Awkwardly and mechanically, with no rhythm, I tried to keep up…but, demonstrated once again, SwittersB has no dancing capabilities (unless primed). I felt, at that moment, the same awkward, stilted, over thinking feelings I have when standing in a river waving a two handed rod in front of peers.

Will it pass? I think so, for the spey rod. I doubt it for Funky Town. The other thing such a game does is show you how out of shape you are. New Years Resolutions coming up (yet again).

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