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April Vokey Interview @ Westfly

This is a recent (12/23/12) interview by Scott Richmond of Westfly with April Vokey. I enjoyed this interview because Ms. Vokey provides a lot of solid, valid how to info in fifteen minutes. Give it a listen and you’ll learn a little bit…I think about the steelhead fly presentation. Westfly has a lot of excellent information going back several years.

april tony

A few years back, Ms. Vokey and my son, Tony, at the Portland Sportsman Show. Very gracious lady for certain.


Sandy River Spey Clave Coming Soon, May 2012

Sandy River Spey Clave, 12th Annual Line Up…Be There!!



Spey Casting (In Its’ Simplest Form, Big Advantages in Coverage)

Evan Muncy Looking at the Business End of a Z Axis


I don’t propose to instruct you on the finer points of a two hander. I have a couple rigs and suspect I will be spending the rest of my life trying to remember all the moves beyond the C spey, the Skagit Double spey, the Perry Poke etc……There are numerous movements involved in Spey Casting and if you know them well it is probably akin to telling someone how to ride a bike…   But, I know this…the basic moves of the spey rod produce amazing results with minimal effort…even for a novice. Like buying a one hander, if you can afford at least a mid range priced set up, do so. Don’t be intimidated by those waving the magic wand…take a lesson or too, be patient with yourself, very patient. Pull with that bottom hand more than push with the top and have fun with a sloppy 70-80′ cast with the bank high to your rear. Get better and the drift is yours to explore and understand. Read the works of Larimer, Hogan et al and watch Ward’s dvd, check out YouTube vid’s…be inspired. Go to the river and do not compare and be frustrated (unless you are blessed)…just quietly and patiently work on the basics and soon enough you too will try to explain just how you ride a bike. Buy Ed Ward’s Skagit Master DVD and watch over and over…then get out there. Excellent fly tying info re tying Intruder’s


spey rod design (‘shop rat technicians’ v. $$$$’d duffer)


In the world of fly fishing the line speed belongs to the “Shop Rats”.  Shop Rats are guys and gals that hang around fly shops.  Most work in shops or are guides or are wannabee guides.  They all do a lot of fly casting and if you do a lot of anything you get better at it.  Shop Rats probably comprise no more than 5% of the fly fishing fraternity, but have a huge amount of influence on what kinds of fly rods become popular.  The core group of anglers hold down regular jobs and fish mostly on week ends or during vacations.  A lot of them cast very well, but usually don’t get to practice nearly as much as the Rats.  Another category are the rich guys who spent all of their time making money and didn’t take much time to fish until they retired.  Many didn’t get much practice except talking about fly fishing over cocktails.  Now they are retired and are making up for lost time. Many struggle at fishing and casting, but exert a lot of influence on rod design because of their buying power. There are probably many other categories of anglers and each might require a slightly different rod action to make them feel most comfortable.  The industry tends to feel that most of the other anglers out there envy the casting skills of the Shop Rats even though they probably won’t make the sacrifices in their own careers to become as good at fly casting.  This situation always poses some interesting paradoxes in rod design philosophy.  How does one build a fly rod that the masses will be able to cast well and and still appeal to the Rats. 

All this study in angling sociology doesn’t even consider that there are also different sizes of rivers, flies and fish.  No wonder there are a myriad differing rod design theories out there.  Exploring and learning about each of them is an adventure in itself.  The subject keeps many of the Rats light in the pocket book and very busy in the online chat rooms…


Steelhead Bums (Dream Weavers, Schemers, Willing Deceivers)


With all of the new advances in our sport, quit frankly, it can get a little intimidating. If you’ve ever been to a spey clave, you would’ve heard many folks talking in what may seem like a foreign language. Phrases like grain weight, tip deflection, weight windows, & constant motion casting buzz around circles of casters. Our goal is to cut through that buzz and make sure you get the right product and information for your needs… Without having to learn a new language. If you do speak the foreign language of the planet steelhead, we can do that too.
There are many reasons Spey casting has become the dominate style of casting on steelhead rivers of all sizes. To begin with, two-handed casting allows the angler to cast with very little back-casting room, a huge attribute on many tree lined steelhead rivers. More so, the distance one can obtain with a Spey rod is incredible. In the game of steelheading, covering lots of water is critical for success. Furthermore, the quick set-up and casting cycle allows Spey anglers to get way more casts in during the day when compared to single hand casting. When you’re fishing for a fish that takes 1000 casts, this is key.

Spey Casting, Two Hander Beauty (Rogue Angel K8 Transitions Spey Rods & Lines)

K8's Spey Magic

K8's Spey Magic   I am too old to be this infatuated, but damn! K8 and ladies have a splendid blog and besides the amazingly beautiful women there are amazingly beauiful fish. It is a delight to visit and just say, wow! or whatever…..

‘Suddenly I see I just have to continue my casting motion, never pausing as I had in the past, but a solid fluid movement and I thought the line was going to rip right off the running line as it shot out of the guides landing perfectly out in front of me an impressive distance.’

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