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nature’s ever changing canvas…



swinging the fly…

in the Deschutes River Canyon…chasing Steelhead

Deschutes R-drift boat-fly fishing-SwittersB


Spey Rod: Taking a switch down to the river……

The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show was this past week and it was very well attended. As my wife and I strolled along checking out the hundreds of vendors we came upon a very pleasant experience. Joel Stephens and Richard Templeton of JS Rods and Moriston Rods out of Medford, Oregon were offering up a show special on a Switch spey rod, reel and lines that could not be passed up. The rod, called their Convert, is a beautifully crafted 11′ 6″ gem available in either a 5 wt. or 7 wt. married to a dandy little Tyne Trinity reel. Of course, being a pushover for a moss green rod color, I was smitten upon first sight. 

Joel Stephens & Richard Templeton (Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show, Portland, OR 2015)

Joel Stephens & Richard Templeton (Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show, Portland, OR 2015)

The Stephens & Templeton story is classic for NW fly fishing entrepreneurs: bright young men (and women) deviating away from early career paths, but still keeping that vitality and vision while venturing into the development of spey rods, reels and other projects for the future. Given the talent gene pool in the Pacific NW for such fly fishing creativity, Stephens and Templeton will fit right in. 

JS Rod Convert Switch-Oregon-SwittersB-spey

Here is an informative link to JS Rods blog. Both Joel and Richard were well presented and informative even after four long days of trade show. Check out their site and note the amazing offers. I am eager to get down to the river once the levels drop and try out my Convert Switch rod and Tyne Trinity Reel.

spey reel, Tyne Trinity, SwittersB

Tyne Trinity Reel (Moriston Rods/JS Rods)



Photography: Profound or What?

-Ansel Adams Quotes White Brick Wall SB-

What is the quality that creates a creative reputation for a photographer? I ask this, not because I want a reputation. But, rather out of curiosity, some of those that do seem to put little effort into the subject matter. I actually, as a joke, took a photo of the white brick wall in its simplest form expecting to post it and see what resulted.

-White Brick Wall SB-

I see such images…plain this and that, which generate great ‘appreciation’ or obligation? I don’t really know. I know what I like seeing from others. But, for me, what to create is fairly random and often dynamic, unplanned. I suppose I plan to some degree by traveling to those areas that may afford me a worthy visual that moves, motivates, inspires, intrigues me.

Collage Renov Place SB

The other day I was perusing a renovation/hardware/vintage/junk store for a project. In a small section of the place was this odd array of shapes, angles, lighting, textures…not sure what exactly. I used my cell phone to quickly walk up to each small vignette and quickly snap away. Not sure why beyond an experiment and the end result provides what? My inquisitive mind, wakeful eye? A building block perhaps in seeing more. Hmm? 

Sandy R SBFluidity, movement is more appealing to me. Dynamics that show life, power, age, passing, change serve my mind more than static brick walls.

™ Spey SwittersBWinter, ice cold river, wind, torque, fully loaded, pulling hard on the bottom of the spey rod, steelhead, hope, endurance, epic potential, fatigue.

End of Day SwittersBBetter than a brick wall…ok, I am getting recentered.


Photography: Curve Appeal

Spey Reel & Line SBPhotography/Macro: The curves of the Lamson Guru reel and the Rio Skagit Spey Line glow in the sun light. The neon quality of the orange 30# braid backing shows through the side ports of the spool. Precision  quality, especially in the right hands.


Start Plotting River Levels via Gages (Safety & Planning)

With recent heavy rains, you can see the river has risen several feet into a not so fishable stage. For this river, the bank angler is best served in the 9.0′ to 11.0′ range.

I remark about this each year as something to do to help you in making a decision whether to drive to the river….or not. That drive might only be 30 minutes or several hours. Knowing what is optimal conditions for safe, potentially productive fishing will save you wasted effort and avoid dangerous conditions.

Now this usually doesn’t just happen. It requires research and observation. I know the above river is nice to fish at a certain level because I have wasted time going without checking in advance the water height after a hard rain. Trial and error at times. Eventually, you just know what is fishable and worth your time.

Also, I have taken 3 sons on numerous outings to Fall and Winter rivers and that makes you really pay attention. Keep notes, remember what the river looks like. Go home and check the level and note it “too low” “blown out” “muddy, but dropping” “perfect” then also note the river level. There are numerous river gage reporting stations around the country although not every river has a gage. Learn if any are in your area and take advantage of the data. Important for wading and boating and even property ownership. Some sites will forecast the river’s trend in the hours ahead given the weather looming.

Here is the same gage a few days later as the river dropped into shape.


Steven Laurent’s Fish Eye Design (You Want to Be There!)

I am so taken by the visual. Perhaps most of us are. I love to read and appreciate the art of putting the visual into words. But, for raw impact, for the gut check ‘whoa!’, the impact of photography upon me is often profound.

Steven Laurent’s work has just such an impact upon me. I am by no means an expert in photography, but something in me appreciates the angle, the earthiness, the edge of Laurent’s shots. They resonate in my gut. The black and white photographs make me edgy and ‘suffer’ from wanderlust. I love his work!

Steven Laurent Photography…Amazing

Every shot seems on the fly, real and has that robust energy that puts you there. The anticipation and excitement are felt. It is where you want to be. The black and white work with shadows and a sense of motion are magical. Check out his beautiful work. I have been so busy of late that probably you already have found his work and I am just now catching up to a masterful artist. 


Temperature Extremes & Fishing

Remember when your fingers were aching, then numb? The East wind cut through the layers. The ice formed in the guides. You actually, for a moment, wondered ‘how much longer’. (Upfront: My Son, Tony)

Come January, will you remember today’s temp?


Sandy River Spey Clave Coming Soon, May 2012

Sandy River Spey Clave, 12th Annual Line Up…Be There!!



The Pull by Ryan Peterson (Rich Zellman)

The Pull…The NW…Pursuing Steelhead

Short clip called The Pull that I found on Yuhina (FlyinTropical). This is the Pacific NW. I don’t think I could ever move away. 

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