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Creepy’s: Spiders!!!

Just what is it about those creepy spiders. I have posted about spiders over the last few years and always get a few visits over spiders. Why? My Dad hated spiders and rats. Lost a brother to a rat bite in the neck. But, my Dad hated spiders more. I have suffered a spider bite on the calf and been in misery. Maybe you see those overly active spiders this time of year. Spinning webs. Busy, busy.

My ever vigilant son, Tony, seems to find these busy critters all over in his exploits (remember the Yellow Jackets?).

What a mess SB

You know the passage…’What a wicked web we weave when at first we practice to deceive…….’ You, know…lie your ass off and hurt those you love and etc……..

Spider 2 ™ SB

Looks like some high school lab project, but no really just at a job site my son, Tony, was servicing.

You know to be careful this time of year don’t you? Up in the ceiling, moving along that corner. What if they make it down, up the bottom of the bed and beneath your sheets and comforter. Yikes!!!!


Such Subject Matter: Safety & Survival

I just chuckled to myself as I looked at my recent topics: two headed fish, spider bites and a swollen toe, a fish hook in the lip. I do attempt to occasionally mention safety, survival topics but usually not so many in a row. As I watched the news this morning…I usually only watch it for the weather…I was once again struck by the negative impact of drownings, shootings, accidents, disasters and politics….I certainly don’t want to add to that downer fog that often besets us. So things are looking up and I will indeed look past the weeds toward that blue sky. I will disperse my safety topics and provide more positivity.

Let’s see. I need to spread out yellow jackets, poison oak, rattlesnakes, heat stroke, sunscreens, mosquito borne diseases, ticks & lyme disease, tsunami debris, footwear, safe food storage, safe gassing lawn mowers, …………………….


Spider In Your Shoe? Whamo!

My Sis-in-Law stuck her left foot in her shoe and whamo! The spider was apparently worse for wear despite the bites. And, as often happens, my sister-in-law was certain it was a ‘brown recluse‘. She hasn’t traveled to the South lately. It is unlikely she has handled any transported materials that could have transported a ‘brown recluse spider’ into her farm house near Newberg, Oregon. Regardless of what kind of spider, the bites caused considerable swelling and pain. The bad juju was just starting to subside. SwittersB


The United States has five groups of spiders that can cause serious injury. The black widow and yellow sac spider are found throughout the country, although the latter’s range has yet to be mapped precisely. The hobo spider has expanded its range in the Pacific Northwest, while the brown recluse is found in the South and lower Midwest. Other recluses are found in the Southwest. Are there Brown Recluses in the PacNW? People seem convinced. (Legend: Purple, black widow; yellow, yellow sac; red, hobo spider; green, brown recluse; blue, other recluses). Spiders in General…pics

Map by Greg Foley


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