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Barb That Hook!

The preferred process of removing a hook is from a fish. A barbless hook is easiest to remove from the fish, your ear, your shirt, your hand, your kid’s lip. But, a review is in order for all of us that come upon the poor soul with the embedded, still barbed hook.

As I sit watching Kill Bill: Vol. 2 for the umpteenth time, I am mindful that planning, forethought and readiness are critical in surviving major and minor mishaps. Of course, sooner or later we get nailed in some manner. But, don’t let it be the hook in flesh mishap.

“This method is quick, simple and relatively painless, as long as you get it on the first try. The secret to a first time success is yanking the loop of line, which is wrapped around the embedded hook, rather hard so the hook comes out on the first try. The reason you should get it out on the first try is obvious, the patient might not stick around for a second try.” (more)

I have seen this fine arrangement twice in the last few years. Both times gear guys whipping that rod back and then forth with a quick cast, kid sitting in the back of the boat and standing on shore, impaling their child in the lower lips.


Salmon Wars (South-Central Alaska: Commercial v. Sport)

Ricky Gease, executive director of the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, said the sport and personal use fisheries in Southcentral contribute $800 million to $900 million in economic impact to the state.”

“That far surpasses the economic values generated from the commercial fisheries in upper Cook Inlet,” he said. “That’s what the disagreement is about. You can optimize the commercial fishery to gain 5 percent value, but that may come at 5 percent or 10 percent or 20 percent cost to sport fishery. When one is much larger than the other, why are we focused on the smaller one?”

“Forty years ago nobody envisioned that there would be 150,000 sport fishermen licensed in the Anchorage area,” he said. “There are conflicts going back to statehood, but they are getting worse because more people are sport and fewer are commercial in the overall populace. To allocate more resource to sport, you’re going to have to take away from commercial guys. Then you get a natural phenomenon where people are going to fight for it. They’re not just going to give it up.”  >>>>>>

Or is it Sport v. Commercial?


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