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T-Ball Attention Span

Today, we attended our grandson’s T-Ball game. I was struck by several things during the mercifully short game. The coaches/assistants were profoundly patient and deserving of much praise….the kids had attention spans that flitted about toward everything save the game…my Grandson was a pretty good little athlete when he wasn’t exploring the dirt or a distant game or the clouds in the sky. Again, praise to the parents, coaches and assistants for herding cats through a T-Ball game.

TBall Attention Span-SwittersB

My grandson, in the middle, was happy with several hits and runs scored. The young man at the pitcher’s mound (L) found a pile of dirt to play in and kept his back to the batters. He didn’t notice the balls rolling by. While the young fellow with the Teddy Bear (R) decided he’d had enough and marched off the field with his Teddy.


Photography & Fly Fishing: Images Sway Us…….

Images of the newest, touted better, innovations in many hobbies (to include photography & fly fishing) sway us to keep looking for the ‘magic bullet’ to improve our performance or outcomes. This is particularly true in fly tying.

~SB~swittersbThere is the fly fishing blogging world’s often used expression of ‘fish porn’; ‘sexy’ images of beautiful fish that stir the mind, the juices, the body to go forth and seek the same pleasures. ‘Fly Porn’ exists although it is less acknowledged. Photography, macro work, combines when done well to seduce us into finding that magic fly, that irresistible creation, that will entice the fish and perhaps lead to ‘The Moment’ when it all comes together.

Looking for the magic list of must have fly patterns..the top 10 if you will is pointless. There are too many possibilities today compared to 20 years ago. The ‘net, the explosion of knowledge and new fly tying materials have caused a gazillion patterns to emerge…so to speak. 

fly collage SWITTERSBWe all do this to some degree. I give more weight, in my mental assessments, to a fly pattern that is depicted with crisp macro goodness. The details are there. The magic of the materials pop…the imagination is engaged. All fine and part of the enjoyment.

The ‘but’ or ‘however’ here is one should couple that chase for the magic fly with equally detailed passion for entomology, habitat, location, presentations and retrieves. Imagination or visualization are all part of the magic of combining fly, presentation and location. Settle upon basic patterns for larva, pupa, emergers and adults as they relate to Caddis, Mayfly, Stonefly, Chironomids, Terrestrials, Damsels and Dragons and assorted other creatures that fish consume and then master where to those food sources hold and how do they behave (move).


Fly Fishing’s Black & White (The Basics)

These are very basic considerations for the beginner, but well worth doing (several times) to avoid bad habits and wasting your time: take classes on how to cast…take fly tying classes…take a guided trip or two…visit the shop when they are having special events and speakers…join fly fishing clubs…go on those club’s outings…watch other anglers on the river or lake and study their techniques…ask questions (hard for men to do).

Guided trips (I know they can be spendy) or fishing with others that invite you, is one of the best suggestions I can give. Keep an open mind and take advice from your guide/friends and you will learn more in that outing then in months by yourself.

Yes, you can read inspirational how to stuff like here at SwittersB & Fly Fishing, you can watch videos and inspiring movies and such, but that direct contact with experienced fly fishers will accelerate your progress.

Attending to the basics, the black and white, of the sport and not getting overloaded with all the minutiae too soon. Like any past time you will involve yourself to the degree of your given talents and aptitude. Enjoy it and master the basics first.

Then, also study this blog, others on my blogroll and add to the basics. You will soon realize there are different roads to the same destination….by that I mean you will be taught seemingly conflicting techniques. Sort through all this and build upon the new information. In time you will develop your own style.



Fly Fishing: Back Channels Hold Possibilities Too

Back channels, this time of year can be rather low with boulders and smaller rocks exposed. Quiet, almost stagnant pools remain where in the Spring and early Summer the water offered possibilities of life (insects and fish). But, if the flows are still there, give that back channel a look.

Often, in our haste to reach the main stem of the stream or river, we descend down the bank, wade through a back channel, move across an island and reach the main stem and stand and ponder the possibilities. Well, when the flows are there, you might stop sooner and study that back channel for possible insect activity, holding water and fish. 

Here is a back channel on the McKenzie Rvier, below the Leaburg Spillway. Trout and Steelhead can be found holding in this water as they circumvent the island to the right. Easy to just wade across this water while moving out to the main stem. At least worth a look see.

Steelhead, Salmon, Trout and Bass can be found in those back channels, which are  really only small segments of the greater whole. My only caution is during certain times of the year those back channels are spawning areas too so rods off during those times. 


Fly Fishing: Teasing the Seam

October Caddis, Deschutes River

Whether from the bank, or from a boat that holding water between the seam and the bank is often the prime holding water as hatches take place or the flies return to deposit eggs. Red’s Fly Shop (Yakima, Wa.) presents some nice, basic information here from the guide on how to best present the fly. Mother’s Day Caddis (videos) or the looming October Caddis the information is worthwhile.

The Bank, The Seam, The Riffle


TdF: Tour de France

I mention this each season, I always enjoy the Tour de France (TdF). I don’t follow the bike racing scene other than this one race. 21 days of ‘stages’ I most enjoy the mountain stages in the Alps and like today in the Pyrenees. The chaos at the top, the narrow passages at 10-18% gradients and pucker up downhill portions are fascinating to watch, to imagine. They (the cyclist) don’t fit any profile (physically) I usually come to admire in sports. But their courage, endurance and even strength is obviously there. Kind of like misunderstanding the fitness of a jockey.

TdF Map 2012

This year Bradley Wiggins of the UK, has the chance to be the first Brit to win the TdF. Best wishes. Most enjoyable to me is the scenery gained from the helicopter traveling the race route. If you know team/individual bike racing (cycling), you already understand the strategies, names and terminology. Took me a bit, but now I understand it as if watching a baseball game. Today is a perfect stage (Limoux to Foix) to see the crazy fanatics (fans), color, scenery and celebration of the TdF.

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