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Photography: Profound or What?

-Ansel Adams Quotes White Brick Wall SB-

What is the quality that creates a creative reputation for a photographer? I ask this, not because I want a reputation. But, rather out of curiosity, some of those that do seem to put little effort into the subject matter. I actually, as a joke, took a photo of the white brick wall in its simplest form expecting to post it and see what resulted.

-White Brick Wall SB-

I see such images…plain this and that, which generate great ‘appreciation’ or obligation? I don’t really know. I know what I like seeing from others. But, for me, what to create is fairly random and often dynamic, unplanned. I suppose I plan to some degree by traveling to those areas that may afford me a worthy visual that moves, motivates, inspires, intrigues me.

Collage Renov Place SB

The other day I was perusing a renovation/hardware/vintage/junk store for a project. In a small section of the place was this odd array of shapes, angles, lighting, textures…not sure what exactly. I used my cell phone to quickly walk up to each small vignette and quickly snap away. Not sure why beyond an experiment and the end result provides what? My inquisitive mind, wakeful eye? A building block perhaps in seeing more. Hmm? 

Sandy R SBFluidity, movement is more appealing to me. Dynamics that show life, power, age, passing, change serve my mind more than static brick walls.

™ Spey SwittersBWinter, ice cold river, wind, torque, fully loaded, pulling hard on the bottom of the spey rod, steelhead, hope, endurance, epic potential, fatigue.

End of Day SwittersBBetter than a brick wall…ok, I am getting recentered.

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