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Ultimate Steelhead Battle

Craziness…Pure Craziness…On Many Levels

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Spey Casting (In Its’ Simplest Form, Big Advantages in Coverage)

Evan Muncy Looking at the Business End of a Z Axis


I don’t propose to instruct you on the finer points of a two hander. I have a couple rigs and suspect I will be spending the rest of my life trying to remember all the moves beyond the C spey, the Skagit Double spey, the Perry Poke etc……There are numerous movements involved in Spey Casting and if you know them well it is probably akin to telling someone how to ride a bike…   But, I know this…the basic moves of the spey rod produce amazing results with minimal effort…even for a novice. Like buying a one hander, if you can afford at least a mid range priced set up, do so. Don’t be intimidated by those waving the magic wand…take a lesson or too, be patient with yourself, very patient. Pull with that bottom hand more than push with the top and have fun with a sloppy 70-80′ cast with the bank high to your rear. Get better and the drift is yours to explore and understand. Read the works of Larimer, Hogan et al and watch Ward’s dvd, check out YouTube vid’s…be inspired. Go to the river and do not compare and be frustrated (unless you are blessed)…just quietly and patiently work on the basics and soon enough you too will try to explain just how you ride a bike. Buy Ed Ward’s Skagit Master DVD and watch over and over…then get out there. Excellent fly tying info re tying Intruder’s


Spey Casting Gone Bad…(Try Again Soon)


You know what this means? No, not that I have caught so many fish, I am lounging about in a euphoric stupor resting and exercising my artistic inclinations. Nope, it is below freezing air temp with water temp 35 degrees and with an East wind pulsing down the Gorge. The Compline running line is trashing my fingers and the river right position is playing poorly against the river right wind. I am not that good anyway, but once I could not feel my fingertips the stripping of the running line, the pinching of the running line and the laser quality of the line played hell on my fingers enough that even though I thought they were frozen, I managed to stay in touch with my nerve endings…ouch! I swung easy and pulled my bottom hand in just so, but I was muddling one cast after another with only a few out a respectable distance. Wasn’t happening. River speed a touch too fast.

All that effort to get into my gear and now the trudge back and the effort to remove the gear. I long ago sprung for Simms Waders and have always touted that purchase as one of the single best investments I have ever made in my fly fishing life. But, even they are hard to remove if so many layers are worn beneath and your fingers cease to function. Ugh. I have weathered through several respiratory setbacks this winter and I finally decided to venture forth against my better judgment. Hmm, no whining allowed…the wind was the culprit…it can only get better. Oh, for those with drift boats, be careful taking out at Dabney. Several rigs stuck in sand at take out. Drift boats need to be winched or dragged up to firm ground to even get near a trailer.   



Comet Fly Pattern (Fox’s Hot Shot Comet)

Picked this pattern up in two colors (my favorite two) at The Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene, Oregon (nice shop, nice people, great advice). This is a straight forward Comet pattern. The heavy dumb bell eyes will flip the fly over with the point up. The tail could use some flash, but really that thorax with the flashabou collar is a great hot spot along with the color. I am going to try these this Fall, along with some Intruder, Hobo, Hobbits. These new names and designs are all different then the old Green Butt Skunks, Babine Specials, Stewart Specials and Skyhomish Sunrise. Boy did that date me. Unless your good with that Spey rod..barb the hooks for sure; you or your buddy will appreciate it.

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