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Fly Tying for Life & Varied Current Speeds

John Larison @ FlyFisherman

Small piece on current speeds, fly tying material’s undulation capacity in certain current speeds and fly shape. The piece centers upon Steelhead patterns, but is helpful toward streamer patterns in general. Steelhead patterns have ‘progressed’ from chenille, wool, tinsel, Calf Tail, hen hackle, teal and mallard. I don’t know if more fish are caught with today’s busier patterns than with the older stiffer patterns, which seemed dependent upon colors and contrast. The guides and active anglers would know for sure. Click on the fly pattern several times until you zoom in on the beauty of those feather fibers.

NW Fly Tyer @ WordPress 

Traditional Spey Fly at NW FlyTyer


Fly Fishing: Tying for Chrome

Accomplished fly fisher, Larry Tamiyasu of Portland, Oregon, travels far and wide fly fishing for a variety of fish species. He is an accomplished tier and like most of us, anticipates success with his own creations.

Preparing by Larry Tamiyasu (SwittersB)

And, more often than not, he and his fishing partners are successful where ever they wet at line.

Successful Fly Pattern by Larry Tamiyasu (SwittersB)

Thanks Larry for sharing. He and his buds have already booked their digs for next October. Anticipation……………….



Fly Fishing: Excitor Seduction………….


Fly Tying: Zandoli Worm

The linked to video isn’t the best, but you get the idea. The trickiest part of the fly is the wrapping of the chenille up the Spider wire core section between the hooks. Anyway, it prompts the ‘I’m going to give that a try’ or ‘I wonder if………’     More here by Thomas Zandoli

Zandoli Worm


Steelhead Debauchery @ Dharma’s

At Dharma of the Drift, he lays out the plain realities of fishing for Lake Erie Steelhead. Not a pristine experience, it sounds much like Salmon fishing near me. A cluster of techniques standing shoulder to shoulder and the niceties of pristine experiences lost on the realities at hand.

Drifting, nymphing, bouncing egg patterns may offend some that swing a fly. It shouldn’t. Dharma explains the truth re hatchery/put ‘n take fishing in the L. Erie tribs. No need for pontificating. An aside, how many fly fishers (even shop owners) do you know that fish gear at least once a year? Pulling plugs, sturgeon, seriously? I haven’t in a long time, yet I have all my gear and still have an educated thumb for a level wind and can lay a spinner in a pocket behind a boulder with the best of them. So, I don’t waste time judging people that fish egg patterns or San Juan Worms, let alone guys standing shoulder to shoulder dredging for hatchery Steelhead.

The assumption is often made that if you fish a certain way you don’t appreciate or respect the habitat/resource. It may not be pretty, but this is a reality of man made runs. There were no native runs to degrade.

Swinging a fly, for me, is purposely selecting a classic technique to enhance the experience. If I wanted to up the odds, I would fish smaller waters and shorter lines with an egg pattern. I choose not to for the fun and interest of it. Read Dharma’s multi part series on Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing.


Fly Tying: Hackle Tip Flippers or Attractors

A couple years back, I wrote about a tube fly pattern for salmon that had ‘flippers’ as fluttering attractors. I recently came upon a similar attractor concept for a pattern tied by Brian Størup called a Potty PigBoth patterns utilize a hackle stem with most of the barbs stripped away and leaving a tip that with resistance must flutter about. This is a leaner appearance than many steelhead/tube patterns. This is worth a look see.

Brian Størup Potty Pig

Note the badger hackle tips (tails) extending back. In the pattern below the shorter ‘flipper’ would provide the same fluttering attraction and is from a hackle tip trimmed.


Fly Fishing: Color, Texture & Composition

Underwater Spey Pattern by TMuncy (SwittersB)

A bit fuzzy, but taken with an underwater Pentax Optio W30 (older workhorse model). George Cook’s Showgirl Spey Pattern on a tube by TMuncy.

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