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Photography: Protecting those old, boxed memories

In this new digital/computer age, most younger people at least have their photos somewhere electronically stored. Being older mine are marginally electronically stored and also in photo albums and in boxes. I have many hundreds of old photos in the old envelopes from the developers of the day and just stacked away, unlabeled in a box in a closet. 

This photo was taken with a disposable camera on a backpacking trip into the Eagle Cap Wilderness some 30+ years ago. The boys all have fond memories of those then grueling hikes upward and upward. The photo was a wonderful find, stuck away in a box.

I recently put together a 40th birthday photo collection for my brother-in-law (in the photo above). In the process of going through countless boxes of loose and rubber banded photos, I came upon many treasures.

It is well worth the time to inventory what you have and assess their safety and housing. Research the best options for storage either as is or via electronic devices. Don’t just leave it to some Winter time project. Also, you will come upon many remembrances that will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

I was just thinking that it is also a benefit to think of slideshow presentations for loved ones, whether for birthdays or the celebrations of life past.


Flytying (storage of materials)


Art Supplies Container for Flytying Materials

Art Supplies Container for Flytying Materials

Secured Container

Secured Container

Container by TRAN

Container by TRAN




COLUMBIA ART & DRAFTING SUPPLY 1515 E Burnside St Portland,OR 97214 (503) 232-2216




I located this ‘Pentagon Carry-All Case’ at Columbia Art and Drafting Supply in Portland, Oregon. I bought the small, which sells for $39.95. There is a large, which is advertised at $44.95. I use this case for camping or short duration trips, only needing the vise & tools to complete the ability to tie while moving about. This by no means accomodates the admittedly never ending supply of materials I possess and periodically rediscover. But it is great for camping and the beginning flytyer’s needs and quite durable. I am sure other art supply houses carry identical or similar products. I noticed as I photographed the logo that this one is made in Portland, Oregon.

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