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“I’ve always had a keen sense of history. My father was an antiques dealer and he used to bring home boxes full of treasures, and each item always had a tale attached.” Sara Sheridan


“Sometimes the people who’ve owned the books in this shop leave little clues between the pages, and not just love notes or pressed flowers. You might come upon an unused Amtrak ticket tucked between the pages of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or a sprinkling of crumbs along the gutter inside The Complete Engravings, Etchings, and Drypoints of Albrecht Dürer. Makes you wonder what kind of person noshes on a salami sandwich over The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Camille DeAngelis


Charlie Knight’s Art

It’s one of those little grocery stores on the way to the Oregon Coast that struggles to gather business. Folks are either in a hurry to get to the ‘beach’ or then in a hurry to just get home. So they often drive on by. Yet, for 28 years Charlie Knight at Knights Tackle Box has done alright with the help of his loving family. The locals know Knights is a down to earth place to show off your catch of the day or to just stand and visit awhile about life.

charlie knight-Oregon-Otis-eagle carving-art-SwittersB-store

This weekend, I had occasion to go to Charlie’s store for a half case and to gather fishing intell for the nearby coastal rivers. We got the beer, good fishing info, but more importantly we were exposed to another side of Charlie that needs to be recognized…his wood carvings. Stunning creations made from nearby Alder and Birch, but with one healthy arm/hand, having succumbed to a stroke 15 years ago. I was fascinated to learn more about Charlie’s creations and history.

Charlie Knight Shop-Oregon-Carving-Art-SwittersB

Charlie was born and raised in Oregon. At a very young age, Charlie learned to carve from an elderly gent named Mr. Perry down by Cottage Grove. Interestingly, Mr. Perry had a storied life and related stories to Charlie about being a young scout for the Army in the wild West. Over the years, Charlie maintained his interest in carving, wood working and all things nature. But, as so often happens, Charlie entered the business world and there he toiled for a good many years.

wood carving-elk-charlie knight-SwittersB-Oregon

Eventually, with the support of his lovely wife, Charlie left the finance world seeking another avenue/business where by he could also create carvings to sell. The idea of a store and eventually a tackle shop (his wife’s idea) developed. The stroke would have set many back permanently, but Charlie persevered and developed new means to carve and transform wood into rustic pieces of Pacific Northwest art that display the wildlife and rugged characteristics of the coastal mountains of Oregon.

I appreciate Charlie Knight giving me a tour of his work area. The tools, sawdust, wood, stains and the view from his shop window of the river were inspiring! 

Please consider commissioning Charlie to create a magnificent carved frame that surrounds a mirror. Perfect for home, that cabin in the mountains or at the coast. Here is Charlie’s contact information:

Knights Tackle Shop (Charles Knight), Box 6316, Salmon River Hwy, Otis, Oregon 97368. (541) 994-8137   Facebook: Knights Tackle Box


Junk Store…

that certain smell between dust, mold and decay…stuff forgotten, abandoned or ejected

into the portal of another time…take it into you life at your own risk

it demands you skew your mind…toward those that came before

imagining a time, a way of life that may or may not have been true

junk store-portland-photography-hawthorne-SwittersB-Oregon


Farm life: The Shed & All It Holds

On a farm, there is a place that one can escape to in order to tinker, to fix, to think. Here are a group of photographs that reflect the above acts inside ‘the shed’. I know it is quite a few photos, but they captured my mind today as I walked around outside. The din of several dozen voices, inside the house, forced me to seek a moment of solitude. Outside, my mind was occupied by the cavalcade of stuff in ‘the shed’.

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