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Fishing: Non-slip Loop Knot




Fly Tying: Streamer Patterns Aggregated

I was contemplating tying up some enticing streamer patterns for some large mouth bass that eluded my last year but will succumb this year to my creations. I thought of Simon Graham, a guru of streamer patterns for Pike. I recalled (see my mind is just flitting all about) that Simon may have moved from Finland back to his original home of South Africa (or was he vacationing?).

At any rate, Simon could perhaps offer up instructions on how to tie those baitfish patterns that might be applicable to these rather large LMB’s I have been thinking about all Winter.


Simon Graham Bouncer Fly

Well, in searching out his name to see if he had moved, I could not get a sense from his site. But, I came upon another site that not only had Simon’s how to’s but numerous other how to’s for Pike streamers. Check out RodTrips’ Aggregated grouping of how to tie Pike Fly Streamers Tutorials….Simon’s blogs are in my blog roll, right side column too.


Fly Tying: Moto’s Minnow

I was researching Winter Fly Fishing Patterns, when I happened upon a piece by Tom Rosenbauer with his suggestions for Winter patterns. Amongst the patterns was the Moto’s Minnow. I hadn’t heard of the pattern (not that I know all the patterns) so I checked into it and found a slew of recent pieces re the minnow pattern. 

It is a pattern that is easily adaptable to different color combo’s to cover the minnow/sculpin colors. Here is a decent video on tying the Moto’s Minnow.

Moto's MinnowSB

I at least once a year extol the virtues of streamer patterns for sculpins and minnows. But truth be told, I do not fish them, with the regularity they deserve, on rivers and streams. Lakes yes, rivers no. This is a regular presentation for browns and ‘bows for many anglers and I am missing opportunities….if you are not frequently using the streamer patterns as a primary search pattern then maybe you too are missing out. Consider the Moto’s Minnow (originated by Moto Nakamura) as one option in your arsenal of streamers. Even simple Woolly Buggers would be a starting point. 


Sexy Stuff: Marabou

Isn’t it sexy? Can you imagine it wet? No, not her baby doll. That sexy, undulating tail on that damsel. I said not her. Ok, I haven’t really posted one naughty insinuation on SwittersB in ages. So, its over…relax.

For the beginning fly tier, marabou is one great material to become familiar with for tails, abdomen, wings. It pulses and undulates with the slightest movements. Learn the types of marabou feathers and how they are used for various patterns. Never treat marabou with any floatant materials (same with CDC). Let it work its magic. This will also encourage you to visualize how you are presenting a fly beneath the surface.

Sexy: Provocative, Seductive, Appealing, Exciting….This Rainbow Trout took a marabou enhanced streamer pattern. Caught/Released.


Fly Fishing: Lesser Fish

As Winter closed out, our minds seemed steered toward BWO’s, March Browns, Stoneflies, Caddis and the march of pending Mayflies: PMD’s, PED’s, Green Drakes, Yellow Sallies, on and on into the Fall’s October Caddis. Of course, that is for rivers and streams. If you fish any lakes, as I do quite a bit, then there is a whole array of different morsels to consider…I won’t bother you with that here.

I am still experimenting with Sculpin, Dace, Shiner patterns. But, aside from seeing some Sculpins last Summer, I have not done enough research on them. So, I am going to continue my observations on the water; research watersheds and lakes that I fish throughout the year, and peruse the images for streamer patterns that would match the lesser fish species scurrying about the substrate and debris of rivers and lakes.

Below image: The fly’s color maybe confusing with the bluish hue. It is Hareline’s Ice Dub UV Grey & Brown blended. It turns a mottled brown in the water.


A Wet Fly…A Streamer? Can’t Remember (Forgotten, Found, Give It a Try)

I was out in the shed, the one piled with camping stuff, Christmas stuff and bikes long since abandoned by kids. Setting on a shelf beneath a old external frame backpack, broken white gas camping stove and a cracked plastic toboggan was an old plastic tub. The kind you now buy licorice in at Costco. It was full of several hundred flies that were never used. Discarded as never pulled from the active boxes or just not standing the approval of the moment by me. Dumped into a plastic grave and set on a shelf to be further buried by the outdoor’s discarded tools. I reached into that tub and grabbed a handful of failures and, as a good story goes, saw a couple little glimmering gems. At least this morning they seemed worthy of possible redemption. Simple, suggestive patterns tied about 25 years ago…….

Wet Fly w/ floss body~G. Muncy

Wet Fly w/ floss body~G. Muncy

Brown Floss Wet~G. Muncy

Brown Floss Wet~G. Muncy

You know those just might work. This time at least, I plan on making the effort to put these before a fish. The old Mustad hooks deserve a dunking

Dayle's Bend, Montana

Dayle's Bend, Montana


streamers in the box…have at least a few (Remember Big Fish Kill Little Fish)


Big Fish Eating Little Fish by Pieter Breugel the Elder



Spruce Fly, Muddler Minnow, Woolly Bugger, Zonkers, Clousers, Black Nosed Dace, The Mickey Finn………..have several patterns and know how to present them in the shallows of a lake for big, cruising browns or along the cut banks of a stream where the predator lurks. Not Eat, Not Cosume, Big Fish Slash, Engulf, Kill smaller fish. 



 At some point, have the few streamers in the box and think about the chase, the presentation, and how to excite the fish. Every season there are several points in which a streamer will entice that cruising thug in the shallows of a lake or waiting and what they are best suited for…



Mr. Brown Meets Little Bow

Mr. Brown Meets Little Bow

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